10 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Good Night Sleep


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In the world we live in, getting some good night sleep might appear to be a luxury for many, but it is equally essential for good energy levels the next day. When you have enough sleep, you will be more rejuvenated and productive. Here are our top ten tips that will assist you in dozing off and getting some good night sleep.

No screens

Avoid staring at a screen in the last half hour before you head to bed. This will stimulate your brain so it will be difficult for you to catch some sleep. Displays using e-ink technology are not a problem, but their backlit counterparts must be avoided at all costs.


Invest in a quality bed and mattress to ensure that you have a good, comfortable setup that you will be happy to get into at night. Check out these mattress reviews to ensure you pick the right one.

avoid having fatty meals

Our bodies are not able to digest food properly while we are asleep – they are designed to process food while sitting or standing. Taking too much food before going to bed could result in stomach upsets. More so, avoid taking fatty foods. They will need more time to digest, and this means you will need to be awake for a little longer. Have an allowance of about 3 hours from the time you eat to the time you go to bed. If you are always in bed by 10 pm, never take dinner later than 7 pm.

do not take alcohol

While alcohol will make you fall asleep easily, it reduces the quality of your sleep. Research reveals that alcohol has an effect on the REM phase, which is the most peaceful phase of our sleep cycle. If you often experience sleeping “light” after a drinking spree, that is feeling tired even after you have slept for a long time; it is because of the reduced quality of sleep. Avoid taking alcohol before going to bed.

breathing exercises

The best state one can be in before going to bed is in their relaxed state. If you’re worried or stressed about what’s ahead, do some breathing exercises. All you have to do is lay down with your eyes closed and take some deep breathes for a few minutes. These exercises will be challenging the first few times you try, but with time, they will be easier for you to perform. In the beginning, your brain will probably be crowded with thoughts but the more you practice the breathing exercises, the less your brain will be occupied by random ideas and you will be more relaxed.

worry journal

An excellent way to deal with all your worries is to have a worry journal. Take a piece of paper or journal and vertically divide it. And before going to bed, use the left part of the paper to jot down all things that could be bothering you and write their possible solutions in the right-hand column. And if you find it hard to come up with a good solution, just schedule a sate when you will get back to the problem. While this might sound stupid, it is therapeutic since it helps clear all your worries and you will easily fall asleep.

distract your brain

When you distract your brain with something annoying, you will unconsciously fall asleep. The simplest form of distraction is counting backward from 400 by 5 seconds. This means counting 395, 390, 385, 380, and so on. While this could be a challenging thing to do in the evening, it is also dull enough to trigger some quick sleep. Distracting yourself this way means your mind is turned off and you easily catch some sleep.

don't take a caffeinated drink

We all know that caffeine is the best drink to take if you want to stay up longer so be sure to avoid it when going to sleep. However, are you aware that the half-life of caffeine is 8 hours? This implies that if you take coffee at 6 pm, the caffeine will remain in your body until 2 am, which is not conducive if you are looking to catch some sleep early. It is advisable not to take caffeine after 2 pm just to ensure you sleep early enough.

take a bot bath

One of the oldest tricks for falling asleep is taking a hot shower. You just need to ensure you do it an hour before going to bed. The right water temperature is above 38 Celsius, and you should spend close to twenty minutes for this trick to work.