5 Essential Streetwear Brands You Need to Own


Matthew Rose



Streetwear brands have exploded onto the mainstream in recent years, becoming a staple for ultra-cool hipsters and the fashion elite alike. The success of brands like Supreme and Stüssy has been so undeniable that it has influenced storied French brands like Saint Laurent and Givenchy to inject a little grit into their collections, and has led fashionable people young and old to try and emulate this edgy and urban look with varying degrees of success.

If streetwear has caught your eye (and let’s face it, it’s hard to miss), you’re probably wondering how to get in on the action but are afraid of ending up looking like Jaden Smith rather than Ian Connor.

But worry not – getting cutting-edge streetwear right can be a recipe for dramatic success, or flaming disaster, and there are several respected and established brands that can help you dip your toe into the water and help you build an edgier wardrobe.


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Founded in the 1980s by Shawn Stüssy, this label defined streetwear in the 90s with its take on Chanel’s iconic logo (Stüssy interlocks two S’s rather than C’s) before disappearing away from the mainstream for a few years. Thankfully, it’s once again emerged as a staple of the streetwear community and a must-have brand.

Look out for pastel hooded t-shirts and polka-dot shirts that will finish off any outfit.


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A brand that needs little introduction, Nike is one of the powerhouses behind streetwear thanks to its support for the skate community and continuous boundary-pushing designs. The company has achieved iconic status for many of its shoes and clothes, and items like the Air Force 1 and Flyknit Racers have achieved cult status among streetwear aficionados.

Look to add a pair of Flyknit sneakers to an all-black outfit to cement your streetwear credentials.

Acne Studios

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This Swedish brand is known for its high-fashion products that are as at-home on the runway as they are in the alleyway – but it is increasingly becoming a coveted brand among the streetwear community thanks to its minimalist designs, outstanding colour palettes, and incorporation of graphic prints.

A firm favourite from their current collection is this printed black SLIP jumper, wear it as part of an all-black outfit, or with cropped grey sweatpants and white Stan Smiths.

A Bathing Ape

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This Japanese brand seemingly came out of nowhere in the early 2000s to dominate the streetwear scene with its camouflage prints and military jet-inspired designs. Over the years it has refined its collections, collaborated with huge brands like Disney, and created iconic silhouettes.

Their current lookbook is a recipe in outstanding streetwear dressing, and can serve as inspiration for your latest wardrobe refresh.


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No brand is dominating streetwear right now more than Vetements. This expensive and ultra-exclusive streetwear brand is commanding conversation and shaping the space with its graphic jumpers and has garnered a legion of loyal fans like Kanye West, Ian Connor, and Travis Scott (despite it being tailored for women).

The brand’s pieces are ultra-exclusive and only run one production cycle, so once they’re gone, they’re really gone.