5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

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On November, 30 2017

Kojo Jumah


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For women buying shoes of different styles and shapes has become imperative. Ask a lady which shoes in her closet are essential and she will tell you each and every one of them. While women have plenty of options and can even rock some brands meant for men, guys have some basic shoes that they can get away with on the daily. Below is a list of 5 pairs of shoes you should have in your closet. Some are casual while there’s are more on the office wear type. You need to have these shoes of you want to look and feel stylish in all scenarios. Gone are the days when only one pair of shoes could withstand all the seasons.

These days’ men are more fashion conscious and can be seen trying to keep up with their lady counterparts. Knowing the right kind of shoe to wear to an occasion just not just speak to your style but your character. This shows you are aware of your surroundings and respect the fashion code in that environment.

Dress shoe

Let us start off with the most delicate of shoes on this list. Every man need a proper dress shoe in their closet. Even if you have just one pair it will be enough since this is not the ordinary every day shoe. You need to have this type of shoe around for weddings or such events. There is no way you can show up to a formal dinner wearing your high top sneakers and a tuxedo. Get one quality pair that will probably last you years if you are not going to too many weddings.

Casual office shoes

These are still in the official bracket but are not too over the top like dress shoes. Loafers are often a favorite among the working men. They are easy to wear, not too tight and low heeled. IF you work in an office or job where you move around a lot then you need to buy yourself a simple, and comfortable loafer that will make you feel comfortable all through the day.

Casual shoes

Though this pair is mostly made for the occasional outing in the evening or a day of fun at the mall. The brogue is one of the most comfortable and versatile pairs of shoes. You can wear this pair to work or pair it with a denim set and hit the town. Whatever you decide to do it will ultimately be the best one in your collecting in terms of versatility.

The boot

This is a must have in your closet right next to the dress shoes. Though it is not commonly worn daily unless you work in a job that requires heavy footwear, it is essential. The great thing about buying the boot before winter is that you get to buy yourself the best at a low price. You also won’t shop in a rush.

The Sneaker

This one is the most obvious choice in the pile. You need a good sneaker in order to have a dress it down shoe. A cool sneaker will make its way through tennis games and bowling.