5 Skincare Essentials For Men


Charlotte Bound



Gone are the days when the missus would take up 90% of the bathroom cabinet, allowing half a shelf for your razor and a lone bottle of aftershave. These days’ men’s grooming is a booming billion-dollar trade. The stigma of having to borrow her concealer or bronzer (if you were feeling brave) is no more, as cosmetic brands have finally cottoned onto the fact that men want not only their own shelf, but also their own products. It’s now perfectly acceptable for men to use the once ‘girls only’ lotions and potions to enhance their looks, and with ‘real’ men like Eric Cantona and James Franco fronting men’s grooming campaigns, now fellas can shout ‘because I’m worth it too’.

Here are our pick of the best grooming essentials just for men.

Fake Tan

Want to fake that golden holiday glow all year round without looking like one of the cast of Geordie Shore? The good news is that the new generation of self-tanners for men are more natural and easy to use than ever before. No streaks and definitely no biscuit smell. No one need ever know that your sun kissed skin came from Scunthorpe and not the South of France. Our pick of the bunch is the brilliant Clinique for Men Face Bronzer. This easily absorbed self-tan is entirely odour-free, easy to apply, and instantly absorbs to its final colour. It is guaranteed to look natural; mimicking a tan you would get on holiday. Now that’s worth a few brownie points.

Clinique for Men Face Bronzer £17.50 for 60ml from Mankind

Clinique for Men Face Bronzer



Previously the only way to hide a dark circles or a massive spot was to don a mask or balaclava. Thankfully now concealer (a magical product which has been making women eminently more attractive for decades) is now available for men. Urban Camo by Menaji not only sounds as masculine as make up can, but is formulated especially for men’s oilier skin. It’s easy to apply and is infused with vitamins and even SPF. Water resistant and dermatologist approved, this clever camouflage stick is undetectable once blended and will effortlessly mask dark under eye shadows, skin blemishes and pigmentation marks, and all without the balaclava.

Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick, £18 from mankind.co.uk

Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick



 These days rubbing a bit of her body lotion on your face when you jump out of the shower just won’t do. There are a whole host of products developed especially for men that will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated.

If your skin looks hungover even when you’ve been nowhere near the boozer L’Oreal’s Men Expert Turbo Moisturiser is the product for you. It’s a brilliant quick-fix gel, which instantly improves the appearance of tired skin. Suitable for all skin types it gives skin an instant pick me up.

Enriched with taurine to moisturise plus a boost of energising vitamin c, it offers the perfect anti fatigue formula to combat tired and dull skin. Its non greasy and is great for soothing skin after shaving.

L’Oreal’s Men Expert Turbo Moisturiser £11.99 from Boots

L’Oreal’s Men Expert Turbo Moisturiser


Eye cream

 A good eye cream should be a staple in your grooming kit. The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face and so needs special attention. Your ordinary moisturiser just won’t suffice and will actually cause puffiness and irritation if used under your peepers. A good eye cream will minimise puffiness, dark circles and even tackle wrinkles. We recommend L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Ice Cool eye roll-on for a cooling refreshing attack on eye bags and Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defence for Eyes, which does all of the above plus tackles the first signs of ageing.


L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Ice Cool eye roll-on, £10.99 for 10ml from Boots

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defence for Eyes SPF15, £22.50 for 15ml from Boots

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defence for Eyes 


Face Scrub

 Face scrubs exfoliate dead skin, enhance radiance, reduce spots and prepare skin for shaving. This product should be used at least once a week to keep skin smooth and prevent in grown hairs.

For Men Maca Root Face Scrub from the Body Shop is a bestseller and performs much better than some more expensive products. It’s gentle enough to use daily and will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Maca root is believed to be an aphrodisiac so this scrub could enhance a lot more than just your skin.

Men Maca Root Face Scrub


For Men Maca Root Face Scrub £9 125ml

from The Body Shop