6 Must-have accessories for men


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Fashion trends come and go, but style is something that never fades. Previously wearing jewelry was something that was only associated with women, however nowadays, men give just as much attention to accessorizing as women do. So, if you are looking to add some men’s jewelry essentials to your closest, then here are some classic picks for you!

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Meaningful Religious Charms

You can never go wrong, by choosing an understated and meaningful religious charm. Whether you opt for a cross, an ohm sign or anything else when you wear one of these, you show to the world that you are someone who has implicit faith in God.

Macho Skull Jewelry at Belinda Jewelz

Skull Jewelry is something which men have worn since time immemorial. Even today men of all ages opt for skull jewelry to look both fearless and cool. Jewelry like this is easy to find both in local malls as well as online.

Bold Bikers Jewelry

Most men have a fetish for bikes. When young men get their first job, the thing they choose to save up for first is usually a bike. Once their bike has been purchased, they then go on to invest in bold biker jewelry like chunky rings, chains to attach to their jeans and also wear around their necks.

Unique Pendants

A favorite piece of jewelry among most men is pendants. These pendants are usually precious or semi precious stones. Sometimes men who are in relationships even opt to go ‘twinning’ with their girlfriends and wear the same pendants as them.

Chunky Bracelets

Bracelets never go out of styles, so whether it’s an official or unofficial event most men choose to flaunt their chunky bracelets. Attractive bracelets go a long way in brightening up even the most boring outfits.

An eye catching Ear Studs at Macy’s

Having an ear piercing is something rather common among men nowadays. Even popular celebrities are seen wearing diamond studs to jazz up their look. If you are unsure about getting a piecing, then you could always opt to wear a clip on!

Blindly following a fashion trend is always a bad idea. However if you remain true to yourself and do what feels right, then your outfit can never look amiss. If you are ever in a fix about what men’s jewelry you ought to wear, by sticking to these essentials, you will never go wrong.