7 Weird Things Mechanics have found in Secondhand Cars


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It’s about time I gave up my little wagon and opted for something a bit more sophisticated (I’ve got my eye on a lovely white Ford Fiesta), so I’ve been looking into getting some cash together quickly, and came across a company called Quick Sell Your Car that will take the old girl off my hands. Because I’m not that great when it comes to mechanics, or technology, or just anything that is remotely useful (I can name all the Kardashian sisters and tell you when their birthdays are though), I decided to speak to a couple of my friends who work in the business for their advice. During some tedious conversations about stuff I still can’t get my head around, we landed on quite an interesting topic that I thought I would share with you today!

One of the guys told me about this secondhand car that had been left at his garage unannounced one night – he found it abandoned in the morning and assumed it was for scrapping due to its awful state. He opened the back door and unfortunately came face to face with a pile of dog poop. The worst part is that it wasn’t the only pile that was in there, and it looked aged. And it smelt horrific. Now, I can’t quite fathom what it must take for somebody to allow an animal to do that in their car, let alone not clean it up, let alone leave it for some poor, unrelated soul to deal with. Unbelievable. But it then got the whole group talking about some of the strangest things they had seen in cars and I decided to scour the net for more!

I’m not happy to say that I found some extremely shocking images to share; some of them are funny, some of them are weird and some of them are just downright disturbing…some stories I couldn’t even share myself but I’m sure they’re just a couple of clicks away.

7 Weird Things Mechanics have found in Secondhand Cars 

A mattress under the car

Oh no! A wild mattress has appeared in the road, but you’re heading towards it too quickly to slow down in time and WHAM! You’ve hit it. It’s dead. At least, you think it’s dead. You climb out of your car and go to investigate the collision scene to find wadding and fabric shed all across the road. You know it’s too late, the remainder of it is chewed up underneath your vehicle. Sleep well in heaven, wild mattress, sleep well.

A terrifying cartoon of JIGSAW

I would not attempt to even touch that without at least 10 weapons and a team of well-equipped military police behind me… so no, no I do not want to play a game.

‘BASIL’ under the seat

Luckily for this mechanic it was the family ‘make your own pizza’ night and he’d forgotten to pick up the ingredients. Winner.

A large purple dildo

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that the air freshener is parked cosily underneath this questionable appliance – as if they were partnered at some stage and then stashed away together for later activity. *shudder*

A rodent nest in the filter

‘Well sir, after hours of using my expertise I can definitely distinguish what the problem is now.’

‘Oh really? Go on?’

‘You let a colony of mice live rent-free in your filter.’

Cereal in the cabin filter

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…but for it to count I’m pretty sure that all the textbooks recommend that you’re the one that’s supposed to eat it.

Squirrels in the air box

The mechanics who found these little guys now run a 24 hour rehabilitation farm dedicated to the restoration of the woodland squirrels’ health. Those were dark times man, dark times.