A Look back at the 2014 Oscars Best Men's Grooming and Hair Styles


Kojo Jumah


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During the Oscars, it is typically the celebrity women who get all the attention. They are often asked about the gown and jewelry pieces that they are wearing, the hairstyle that they are sporting, and the date that they chose to escort them. Although this year Oscars weren’t any different in that regard, it is also quite obvious that the men got a giant share of the audience’s attention due to their sophisticated outfits and on trend hair styles.

Leonardo DiCaprio

We all thought that Leo would finally bag the elusive Oscar this year but sadly, this wasn’t the case. Thankfully, he looked every bit the handsome loser with his classic hairstyle. Leo chose to wear his hair slicked back and parted at the side similar to his The Great Gatsby look. While he retained his facial hair, he obviously trimmed it close to the skin to look much neater. Overall, Leonardo’s Oscar style oozed glamour and masculinity.

Get this look: Apply a hair balm that offers strong hold and lasting shine. Slick the hair back and part it to one side.

Jared Leto

Ever since Jared was nominated for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club, a lot of people speculated about how he would wear his long, rock star tresses. While most people expected him to wear his hair slicked back in a low ponytail or bun, Jared decided to go au naturel and showed up with his hair down and his facial hair neatly trimmed. On another man, Jared’s choice of hairstyle would have looked unkempt. But on him, it was relaxed and polished.

Get this look: Brush your hair and part in the middle. Apply a conditioning cream on the ends to prevent dry strands and tame flyaways.

Matthew McConaughey

Clean shaven and classically polished as this was Matt’s choice of grooming and hairstyle for the Oscars this year. His side parted hair was shiny, short on the sides, and tousled on the top for body.

Get this look: Part your damp hair to one side and apply a bit of flexible hold hair gel from the roots to the ends. Leave the top slightly undone and tousled.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt seems to have found the fountain of youth! At 50 years old, this man looks even better than ever. Although his choice of hairstyle, the slicked back undercut, doesn’t really have a glamorous vibe to it, Brad managed to look really smart. Thankfully, his current facial hair is sparse and neat. We never want to see that hideous Duck Dynasty sort of facial hair on him again.

Get this look: Before you can copy Brad’s hairstyle, you will need to grow out your hair. This is because the top of the hair needs to be long in order to be completely slicked back. Apply extra hold strong balm on your damp hair and comb it back. You don’t really need to put that much product on the sides since the hair is shaved really short. Finish with an extra shine holding spray.