Acne Studios Men’s Spring/Summer 2015


Kojo Jumah


The creator and driving force behind Gentleman's Division. Kojo is ...

The mens Spring/Summer 2015 collection is more personal and real rather than conceptual. The theme revolves around a pureness found in street sports but with a juxtaposing generosity in luxurious materials. The casual silhouette is based on mid-20th century archetypes such as coach and Harrington jackets. A fearless mix of light and heavy characterizes the fabrics – alcantara and cork inspired by furniture, paper thin jersey and leather, nylon with sheepskin, laminated cotton, and horizontal corduroy. Colours build from different whites, khaki, beige and brown to sky and workwear blue, burgundy, emerald green and buttercup yellow. The men᠆s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is available on and in Acne Studios stores from now.

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