Acne Studios opens first flagship store in Beijing


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Acne Studios is pleased to announce the opening of its first flagship store in Beijing and third store overall in China, less than two years after expanding into the country. Set across one storey inside the prestigious Taikoo Li Sanlitun complex, the new Beijing flagship is also Acne Studios’ first brick and mortar in China and has been designed especially for this location, as is the case with all other Acne Studios stores, giving each one around the world a unique character. With its open and minimal layout, the store creates a harmonious environment by experimenting with simplicity and reflective materials.

“I am truly happy to finally present the Acne Studios universe in Beijing – it has long been my dream. It is also my hope that this store will bring us the opportunity to create many special projects in the future,” says Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios Creative Director.”

– Jonny Johansson, Creative Director

Entirely designed by the in-house team at Acne Studios, the 190m2 space plays up the original architecture with straight lines and a glass facade. The walls and ceiling are lacquered in high gloss white and the beige floor is made of epoxy resin, which together provide a soft contrast to the signature Acne Studios stainless steel walls, rails, tables and shelving. At the front of the store is a large sculptural display by British designer and long-time collaborator Max Lamb, painted in an expressive gradient based on the iconic Acne Studios pink, with two more pieces in the same gradient at the back of the store. There are also custom-made rugs by Lamb that combine different pinks with shades of purple, indigo and yellow, adding softness and an additional pop element to the muted environment. For the lighting, French designer Benoit Lalloz, another long-time collaborator, has created fixtures in polycarbonate and aluminium that are placed in strict, uniform lines and emit a soft glow that will bounce off and bring to life all the surfaces within the store.

To celebrate the new Beijing flagship store, Acne Studios has created unique products for purchase in-store and online in China only: an exclusive down jacket based on a design from the main collection and small leather goods; both in beige and with a hidden lucky message inside.

The new store will open on 15 December 2018 and is located at N3-13, No.19 Sanlitun Road, Taikoo Li North Village, Chaoyang district, Beijing.

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