Acne Studios opens new store in Sydney


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Acne Studios is pleased to announce the opening of its new Sydney store, with a unique design specific to the space following the global Acne Studios store concept.

The 390 m2 store, stocking full collections for women and men, sits on the corner of King and Elizabeth Street, with an L-shaped space that has been designed to create its own expressive world. Stainless steel walls curve through the pastel yellow store, giving a processional feeling that guides the customer through the space, as if an alternate universe made from specific design decisions.

“We opened our first store in Sydney in 2009 and since then the Australian market has been very close to our hearts. Now it feels great to open a large second store in the central of Sydney, the space being a good representation of the present day Acne Studios universe.”

-Mikael Schiller, Chairman

Windows have been lowered and lengthened to give a sense of uniformity, the store sometimes visible, other times concealed by the walls inside. The ceiling has also been lowered to heighten the atmosphere, with 700 lighting fixtures called illuminated Mushroom. The fixtures are each like a hi-tech mushroom sprouting from the ceiling, set in a rigorous pattern of lines that runs throughout the space.

Stainless steel railings and tables are among the design signatures that link Sydney to other Acne Studios locations around the world.

Acne Studios King Street opens on the corner of King and Elizabeth Street on 27 July.

interior of the shop

Behind the scene