Acne Studios opens West Hollywood flagship


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Acne Studios is pleased to announce the opening of its newest store in West Hollywood, Los Angeles on 23 March 2018, following the Downtown LA opening in 2013.

The brand new Acne Studios store on 8920 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood is all about light, space, art and design. The pavilion- style single storey building has a two wall facade almost fully in glass, allowing the city to see inside the space, as if an open plan gallery. The space has been designed uniquely for the Melrose Avenue location just as the rest of the Acne Studios stores, which all have a different character.

At the centre of the store is a specially commissioned large-scale sculpture by artist Daniel Silver. Abstract shapes of stern, blackened aluminium create the framework for Silver’s fabric cut outs of double-faced wool cashmere, which hang draped over the structure. The idea stems from simple constructions, such as improvised shelters, but Silver has moved further, coming to combine his own sculptural aesthetic applied to cut fabric, with a more mechanical style. One is able to enter the installation, as it also functions as fitting rooms.

“IlovethatinLAwehavethespaceandlighttomakeDanielSilver’sworkthefocusofournewAcneStudiosstore. Hisstructurefeels alive, and sets the mood for the whole location.”

Jonny Johansson, Creative Director Acne Studios
Two long term Acne Studios collaborators also contribute to the store. Max Lamb provides custom made seating and display furniture,

while Benoit Lalloz has incorporated 85 of his round aluminium light fixtures into the floating corrugated ceiling.

The 250m2 store itself is simple in its design. Two long, freestanding stainless steel rails cut through the store, while smaller rolling rails allow for flexibility. A 10m long stainless steel shelf covers the back wall. The floor is rough concrete, while the corrugated ceiling and wall panels are coated in a pale acid yellow. There are two entrances to the store. Entering from the back you will be met by a concrete courtyard patio, framed by a yellow metal wire fence. At the centre of the patio stands a tree, which brings well needed shade on sunny days. The concrete flooring that makes up the patio and interior, as well as the large glass doors and windows, play on the notion of indoors and outdoors and invites into a continuous open space.

To celebrate the launch, Acne Studios has collaborated with Daniel Silver on a limited edition t-shirt featuring a print of his work. Silver will sign each of the t-shirts, of which 100 will be available exclusively at the new West Hollywood store.
Acne Studios, 8920 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, Los Angeles.