Acne Studios reveals new Oslo store concept


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Acne Studios is pleased to announce the refurbishment of its Oslo agship store, the rst in Norway to use the new Acne Studios global store concept. The refurbishment reveals the beauty of the original bank building, opening another oor to customers and de ning the space with the Acne Studios design signatures.

Set over two oors, the refreshed Oslo store is a true archetype of the Acne Studios global store concept, where the design template is given fresh character in response to each location. On the ground oor, the white walls and vaulted ceiling are contrasted with a curved stainless steel wall, and a unique table and carpet created by long-term collaborator Max Lamb. The bank’s green terrazzo oor has been preserved, while a lighting system by Benoit Lalloz creates a light carpet up in the ceiling’s vaults.

A winding green terrazzo staircase heads to the newly opened rst oor, leading to an original stained glass window. Upstairs, a panelled wall and repeated arch ceiling create an elongated perspective, that contrasts with the oor below. The original panelling has been lacquered to bring it into the Acne Studios world, while a long sinuous curtain gives the space a calming softness.

The different characteristics of the two oors are uni ed by the stainless steel ttings, such as shelves, rails and display tables, which have become identi ers of Acne Studios stores worldwide. The refurbished 320m2 store is at Øvre Slottsgate 11, Oslo.

the store