How to avoid uncomfortable on the first date with cougar?


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Dating is always very exciting and the very idea of it makes one get filled with happiness. Dating with your own age group candidate or anyone very senior to you in terms of chronological age, might not feel anything different and unusual to you as you are an open-minded person, however it is different. What you can say and how you behave in general with your peer ones will not bring you good luck if you be the same and do same with a cougar. Tips here will be given on cougar dating that might help you to have a decent idea regarding How to avoid uncomfortable on the first date with cougar.

A cougar date is a much senior to you man or woman whom you are planning to date, or rather they are willing to date. They are successful in their lives and very much independent financially. They have found settlement in their lives professionally and from financial viewpoint and might have got family also. What they have not found or wish to find and indulge in is some casual and non-serious fun and coziness. Cougar dating forum is to be understood. They want company of someone who can keep them happy and give them a pleasant break from their daily worries.

This you have to keep in mind that they do not wish to get involved in a very serious relationship and certainly not interested at all to handle any kind of drama and issues of love relationships. You even try to bother them with such stuff, you will be shown the exit directly or indirectly to be frank. They are looking for Relaxation; Enjoyment; Good Company to chill and Coziness. You given them attention and respect them, appreciate them sincerely without being a hypocrite and pretentious and you are in for exploring a world of fun and several favors!

On your first date try to present yourself attractively and yet appropriately, without making yourself look very vulgar and something peculiar. Remember, one thing though, do not try to present yourself in a way that you actually are not. Be genuine or else these experienced people will unmask you in less than an hour. Date a cougar seriously.

Be courteous but do not sound too formal as if they are here also dealing with a business client or an official member. They are meeting you not for business reason but for pleasure purpose honestly. Show respect and be polite but do not appear uptight and very formal.

Maintain eye contact and keep a pleasant smile on your face. Not looking into someone’s eye (it is not being advised to keep staring into the eye from fast to last constantly though!) on a date creates an impression as if you are not interested and here just for an experience.

Do not bother them with serious love issues but be serious about matching their expectation and catering to their needs and requirements. You should take cougar dating seriously but not get them irritated with serious relationship tantrums! Always keep this fixed in mind as this is a fact and million dollar advice on cougar dating.

Have a hobby and talk about it; your likes; interests and goals in life etc which will make them feel that you are something worthy to hang around with. Do not be aimless and a dumb which many cougar will find unattractive in a lady or a man.

Show interest in what they like and are talking to you about. Nodding your head occasionally and focusing all your attention on them when they speak will make them realize you are actually listening to them.

Girls do not put too loud makeup. It might sound peculiar to some, but minimal makeup highlighting your natural look will be appreciated more and excite them better. Do not try hiding under tons of makeup products. Start taking good care of skin and hair several days before the d-day if flaws are there too much.

Do never make them wait long. They are successful in life; have already waited a lot for professional and personal reasons in their whole lives, so here they will show zero tolerance to unpunctuality. Be on the dating venue on time.

If ever you find the cougar you are dating is falling short of words and cannot keep the conversation going, then you take the initiative. Ask them about which tourist places they have visited recently and which ones they like mostly for example. Let them do the most talking and you remain a sincere listener all through.

These are some tips for cougar dating community. Your first date with a cougar should be such that they not just get attracted to your look but definitely find your behavior and personality very pleasant. Make them comfortable with your behavior; friendly and sincere personality traits and proper attention.