BLOOD BROTHER Autumn/Winter 2016 Men’s Collection


Kojo Jumah


The creator and driving force behind Gentleman's Division. Kojo is ...

For AW16, Blood Brother were inspired by the British Industrial revolution of the 17th & 18th Century and the dramatic shift in everyday life that shaped the future of our small Island. Encompassing the introduction of modern factories and subsequent technological advances, the collection takes inspiration from the enlightened few at the forefront of advancement in human civilization.

Blood Brother celebrates the revolutionary ideas of those willing to push the boundaries of what the world within both our past and more recent history. The collection juxtaposes the old with the new, drawing parallels to our most recent space conquests, engineering feats, advances in medicine and most importantly the explosion of the digital age. Featuring bold statement polo necks and tongue in cheek graphics, spliced together into collages that hint at obscure scientific advancements.

The colour palette through the collection is a reflection of the burnt umber of the chimneys, the gold glow of the furnace and blue of the deep heat on molten metal. Outerwear features smart silhouettes and thick shearling coats punctuated by a standout futuristic crushed silver bomber. The classic Blood Brother joggers have been reimagined in luxurious suede while sweats and tees have been updated to feature pocket detailing in a nod towards the workmanship nature of the time period.

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