How to care for your beard


Charlotte Bound



Fashion loves beards, women love beards (apparently a man who possesses the patience to grow a beard is a keeper), the people love beards. The long and short of it is beards are here to stay.

However, like most commitments in life, before becoming a paid up member of the beardy club, one should have a firm understanding of all that this entails; the long term requirements and implications.

There are no half measures when it comes to beards. As well as patience, commitment is a pre-requisite.

The mere cultivation of the beard is not the whole story. There is a complex after care regime to consider. A well-maintained beard is the difference between looking like a hobo and a hot mess.

Like a beautiful garden, a beard needs on going management and attention to get the most attractive results. It will not flourish if you are neglectful.

Firstly you need to have the patience to reach a decent length before you start to groom. A weeks worth of growth is the minimum requirement. You have to push through the awkward ‘can’t be bothered to shave’ looking phase, and perhaps deal with some itchiness and irritation. Use a facial scrub to prevent ingrown hairs and remove dead skin.

It is also important to moisturise. The skin under the beard can become dry so massage a good moisturiser right through to the skin until it is fully absorbed under the hair.

Once you have enough length going on, your new best friend should be a beard trimmer. Easy to use and relatively cheap to purchase, it will ensure your beard has a uniform, well kept appearance. Trim in various directions to avoid random stray straggling hairs.

You should trim the boundary of your beard and shave up to that point. Comb the beard downwards to ensure a uniform hairline.
Washing your beard is also a crucial part of your regime. Use a good facial wash day and night. This will ensure that excess oils are removed. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel.

Beard oil will keep your facial hair soft and prevent wiriness. This is important to ensure your love life is not jeopardised by your newfound hirsutism.

Please note that beard dandruff does exist, so using said oil will help eliminate a shirt snowstorm. Now that’s definitely not a good look.

Moustache and beard wax is useful once your beard starts to get longer, preventing a wild man of Borneo look.

You should also aim to visit a barbershop for professional trimming and shaping every one to two weeks.

Recommended products

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Men Rock the Beard Soap £12 100ml
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Beard conditioning oil by Percy Nobleman £19.99 100ml
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Captain Fawcett’s moustache wax £9.90
A stiff wax, which is solid in the jar. Use it to style and condition facial hair. Can be used on both beards and moustaches.

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Kent handmade beard and moustache comb £5.77
This specialist comb is perfect for grooming, maintaining and trimming facial hair.

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Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer £24.99
This shaver has up to 40 minutes usage cord free and nine length settings.

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In summary

Beards are here to stay. If you decide to commit, make sure you have the time and toolkit to keep yours in tip top shape.