DIMA is the New Super-Cool-Kid Beauty Brand


Kojo Jumah


The creator and driving force behind Gentleman's Division. Kojo is ...

Like “French girl” and “effortless,” the term “cult- favourite” gets thrown around far too often in the beauty space. But if ever there were one beauty brand to actually inspire a cult of followers to bow down and start worshipping, it would be Dima Steesy’s new DIMA Label. This L. Ron Hubbard of beauty brands has already become a favorite amongst beauty editors and just about every chic woman and man with even a smidge of skin-care awareness. DIMA is the brain child of Dima Steesy, a 23- year-old from Boston, who not so much tip-toed into the beauty industry as exploded onto it with an eager mob of Instagram-snapping millennials behind him, applauding and buying up all of his products. With over 60,000 followers on Instagram and 16,000 followers on Facebook; Mr. Steesy is sheepishly trudging forward as the unassuming CEO of one of 2018’s buzziest beauty startups.

DIMA bills itself as a sort of haven for millennials who want luxury with a conscience. All DIMA products are paraben free, hypoallergenic, organic, cruelty free, and are made in a glitzy lab in Canada. The DIMA aesthetic is sometimes described as makeup and skincare for people who are already pretty — it’s a bit like Alexander Wang, clothing for off-duty models to toss on for Vespa-ing between shows in Milan. It’s the idea that peeling away artifice and pomp leads to an even more thrilling beauty: the real thing. It didn’t matter that the models weren’t the ones buying it; consumers were devouring backstage photography as much (if not more) than they were devouring runway images, and it created a pared-back, super-cool-kid language of its own.

When DIMA’s website launched last week, the website crashed several times as tens of thousands of people logged on. Men had their choices too, unique for a beauty brand, and had an entire line of skincare products from exfoliators to moisturizers at their fingertips. Within 6 hours, DIMA sold nearly $40,000 worth of makeup and skincare products. Two days later, their entire inventory was sold out. DIMA is the first beauty brand to speak the visual language of the millennial: pared back, lots of white space, simple fonts. The first products were launched with an ad campaign featuring simple shots of a group of women (and one man) in simple black-and-white photos where they stood unsmiling and unassuming. This appeal for less-is-more works for the many fans of DIMA and is catapulting the brand and its young founder to cult icons.