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Craftsmen of the Future

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On September, 08 2017

Kojo Jumah


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At ECSMI, They consider themselves as  craftsmen of the future: They combine the best of Italian hand-made garment design with the most advanced technological innovation. The outcome is an exclusive range of high-quality customizable city wear.

ECSMI was founded to create unique and special garments. Special as our customers and unique as authentic passion. Choosing our fashion items is a declaration of love for Italian design, attention to detail and appreciation of the high-value materials used.


The entire manufacturing process of our products takes place in Italy: our land, our roots and our attitude. To us “Made in Italy” means an accurate selection of the best materials present in the territory, combined with the perfect match between artisanal tradition and continuous innovation.


They constantly combine hand-made with state-of-the-art machinery. We experiment with new techniques and materials to provide an ever higher quality and to leave more room for customization of the manufactured garments. In other words, we are craftsmen of the future.


Quality over quantity. All our products are unique and manufactured in limited quantities (up to a maximum of 97 pieces), in order to maintain the highest standards possible throughout our production. Each one of them is numbered and becomes non-repeatable over time: special customers deserve exclusive garments.


They customize our clothing according to your taste and style. We guarantee direct, one-to-one assistance, from the placement of the order to the actual delivery. They keep you informed about the different stages of the manufacturing process of your garment, from its production, to the printing of your name on it and the final delivery.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”Coco Chanel