Eight Tips To Help Focus Your Mind


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We have all experienced hyper-mind, mental clutter, and head on overdrive. Here is some soothing and relieving news. Below are a few suggestions on how to slow things down. It will help your concentration and memory to improve, you will have a better perspective on your life, and you will be able to clearly thing with less effort.

As you relax your body, learn to relax your mind this will help you reap that benefits of not being so stressed, it will also help you attain a calmer and more mindful awareness of the moment you are in. It is surprising how simple this can be.

Witness Your Thoughts

It is quite literally impossible to stop thinking entirely; it is something that no one can do. When we try not to think, we generally end up thinking on how we will stop thinking. What can be done however, is to withdraw from our thoughts, this allows us to be more of an objective spectator.

Imagine That Your Mind is a Dark Sky or a Black Canvas

Allow for thoughts to freely come and go, however resist the compulsion of following everyone. Eventually you brain will slow down allowing for you to feel less pressured.


If letting go of your thoughts is difficult for you, as you breathe try counting slowly. Observe your thoughts and do your best to not follow them. As you breathe out, turn your attention towards the count.

Pay Attention

As you think and work, do your best to place your attention on the task you are taking on. Be firm with yourself, every time you find you mind wandering; turn it back to the task. The stillness of your mind will improve as you continue refocusing your attention.

Calm Your Body

Fragmented movement is a sign of fragmented attention. For example, while at the theater, you can easily tell if those around you are paying full attention to the performance. Those moving their heads this way or that, sniffing and sighing, and wiggling in their seats are finding it difficult to concentrate. A still body posture is an indicator of rapt attention.

Find a Position You are Comfortable in And Remain in that Position

Focus on what you are watching or doing, draw your attention away from all physical distractions, place your focus on your task. As time goes by, you will realize that you are not fidgeting as much and you will experience less physical discomfort. You have now channelled into mental exertion.

Interest Your Mind

To help you concentrate, try finding interest in projects. It can be of enormous help to take up a new hobby. Even in the dullest of chores, try to find something interesting. If you are a get together, look for someone to have a conversation with. If you are inquisitive you may find that you have things in common.

Be Smart

There are plenty of great supplements and pills out there to help you improve your concentration and focus levels. Athough the myth about NZT-48 has been debunked (which you can read about on CogniTune), there are still plenty of great nootropics to boost focus and attention

Open Your Mind

Much as you have to incorporate stamina, strength and flexibility in your physical routine, to give you mind a change from its daily journey it needs new and absorbing challenges. On the same way home, take the time to notice something new that you may have never noticed before. What is a subject you would normally not look at? Buy a magazine on that subject, read it and be open to new ideas.