Finding The Shoe For You

A Guide To Shopping For Men's Footwear


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Shoes are an important part of a man’s overall style. Accessories can make or break a particular look, and they are crucial to tying all the different elements of an outfit together. Hats, for example, are one accessory that can definitely make a statement, but shoes are just as important (if not more so). In addition, you can’t forget about a belt. Not only is it functional in that it keeps the pants where they belong, but it also adds to the wearer’s style.

There are so many shoes on the market, and they vary widely in style. Men must make their choice depending on when and where they will be using the shoe. In addition to style differences, there are also many different brands available for purchase. Some of these include Tommy Bahama, Calvin Klein, Allen Edmonds and Johnson and Murphy. You can find shoes online and at many brick and mortar stores in your area. Even if you plan to shop in store, it is a good idea to look through various options on the Internet so you can get an idea of what you want.

Find The Shoe For You

Men tend to stick with what they know when it comes to shoes. If they like the way the shoes feel, they purchase the same brand and style year after year. Others just don’t have a clue what shoes work in different situations, so they don’t even really try. With styles ranging from sandals to boots to dress shoes, it is no wonder that some people struggle with this accessory. However, by following a few simple rules, you don’t have to stress over your shoe purchase ever again.

Keep it conservative. If you pick conservative footwear, you know that you’ll be able to wear them for a long time to come. In addition, don’t be afraid to spend some money on your shoes. They aren’t just a visual piece in your wardrobe; they also serve an essential function. As a result, you should spend more on your shoes than the other pieces of your outfit.

If your feet are not attractive, do not wear flip flops in a professional setting. Sandals are not meant to be worn with socks. In addition, neither flip flops nor sandals last forever; get a new pair of each on a yearly basis.

Sneakers should not be worn with khakis; this is a dated look that ages you. If you like to exercise, get fitted before you buy running shoes. You need to make sure they are just right for your feet. Finally, shine your dress shoes before you wear them.

The Link Between Shoes And Clothing

Your shoes should go with your outfit. For example, you wouldn’t slip on sandals to wear with your dress clothes. There are a few other tips that are essential as well.

For example, you can wear just about any type of shoes with jeans, although you want to avoid fancy dress shoes. Sandals, sneakers and boots all work well. You do want to factor in what type of shirt you are wearing. A t-shirt goes well with sneakers, for example, but a collared shirt looks best with loafers – try Sole Trader for a pair – they’ve a great selection.

If you plan to wear khakis or another type of casual pant, you have several options. Both loafers and oxfords look good. To decide what color shoe to wear, you should factor in the color of your pants. For instance, black, grey or navy pants look best with black shoes. However, if you want to wear your brown shoes, you should put on pants that are beige, brown, tan or a similar color. Shoes that are lighter than brown look best with earth tones, like white, tan, beige or blue pants.

If you are putting on dress pants, you should wear dress shoes. You can distinguish dress shoes from more casual shoes by the shine; dress shoes are much shinier than other options. Your dress shoes should never be lighter than your dress pants.


Wear A Belt

A belt is an essential accessory. When it comes to color, there are varying opinions about whether the belt and shoes should match. No matter what you do, though, don’t pair black shoes with a brown belt. In addition, if you want to ensure that the belt fits well, make sure it is three sizes bigger than your pant size. In some instances, two sizes bigger will work, but you should look at the belt and evaluate it before you purchase it.

In general, try and match the colors. If you are wearing leather shoes, your leather belt should be a similar color. If you are wearing shiny dress shoes, your belt should also be shiny.

If your belt buckle is large, the belt itself should be considered casual rather than dressy. Dressy belt buckles are almost always silver or gold. You’ll find several varieties of buckles on the market, but most have a metal loop and a metal tongue that the belt goes through. You may also find buckles with a braid, sliding hatch and hook, however.

Shoes and belts are both important accessories to consider when deciding what outfit to wear. Follow the tips above and you’ll always look put together.