Five Steps For Men To Achieve Handsome and Healthy Skin


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Skin care is as important for men as it is for women and there are numerous things that men can do to ensure they’re complexion is top notch. So, here are five steps to achieve healthy and handsome skin.

Step One — Proper Cleaning

If you only have time for a single thing, that should be properly cleansing your skin. Now guys, no need to be afraid, cleansing is just a fancy way of saying washing your face. You should do this every morning when you wake up and every evening before going to bed. Even if the dirt and grime on your skin is not visible, it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Think about the elements your skin is exposed to on a daily basis, car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pollution and even air fresheners. Every little one of these particles can land on your skin causing damage, it is important to wash these away. That being said, stay away from the old withered bar of soap. Common soaps are packed with deodorizers and detergents which can be very harsh on the skin and cause it to dehydrate.

What you need is a proper facial cleanser. Men’s skin tends to be a bit oilier than women’s skin, for the best results use a cleanser which targets normal to oily skin. Women’s cleansers may not be the best solution. Keep in mind, if you skin is not cleanses on a daily basis, excess oil and grime can lead to clogged pores as well as breakouts.

Step Two — Exfoliate

If you really want to feel and see a difference in your skin, this is a vital step. The process in which dead skin cells are removed from the skin’s surface to reveal the new skin cells which are beneath is called exfoliating. You should view an exfoliating scrub as you would view a light grade sandpaper. You swipe that over a jagged piece of wood a few times and, voila! — What you have left is a smooth, soft surface that resembles a piece of wood that is brand new.

Our skin naturally exfoliates, however as we age the process of natural exfoliation begins slowing down and needs some extra help. Exfoliation can also help us to get rid of all the nasty gunk that becomes lodged in our pores. Look for an exfoliant with scrubby particles that can help to eliminate dullness and smooth the skin.

An added bonus of exfoliating is that it helps to soften your hair follicles; this can lead to a closer and less irritating shave. You want to know what the best part is? This product only has to be used a few times a week.

Step Three — Moisturize

When it comes to the appearance of a man’s skin, moisturizers can make a world of difference. As a matter of fact, men generally need moisturizer more than most women do. This is due to the fact that most men shave their face. Every time the razor is scraped across your skin, not only are you removing facial hair, but necessary oils are also being removed. What is the next step? You probably smear on some after-shave lotion that is alcohol-based and really burns your skin. This alcohol causes the skin to become even more dehydrated.

So, what can be done to combat this? You can moisturize! Moisturizing can help to replenish that moisture content in your skin which also helps to prevent razor burn. In order to protect your skin for the every day exposure the sun’s damaging rays, use a moisturizer which contains SPF. Exposure to the sun while unprotected can cause premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and even worse, cancer.

Step Four — Eyes

Around our eyes is where the first signs of aging begin to appear. Unfortunately however, this is an area which most men neglect. The skin surrounding our eyes is lacking in both sweat and oil glands, this make it an area that is very susceptible to dehydration which begins to reveal itself in the form of wrinkles and fine lines.

The very thin and super soft area surrounding our eyes begins developing small expression lines that can quickly grow into unsightly wrinkles. So, what can be done about this? Immediately choose an eye hydrating cream. All that is needed to do the trick is a small dab of the product around and under each eye. This will help to protect, soothe and hydrate your skin on a daily basis. This eye cream should be applied every morning as well as evening after cleansing and before bed.

Step Five — Lips

Believe it or not, another area that ages drastically with time is our lips. Look at a picture of yourself as a young child; you had plump lips with no lines. Unfortunately, during the aging process our lips start losing collagen and begin melting in with the rest of the face. Products such as lipstick, lip liners and lip glosses are there for women to take advantage of; however this is where men will draw the line.

Observe your lips in the mirror, I am sure you will notice fine lines and some wrinkles that spread out in all directions. Much like the skin around our eyes, our lips also lack in sweat and oil glands. They are not equipped with the protective layer of skin which is known as the stratum corneum which the rest of our body has for additional protection. And since they are also lacking in melanin, they do not have the extra protection against the UV rays of the sun. Our lips are in desperate need of our assistance. For men, you can use a lip balm, preferably one that contains protective SPF, and as I love saying, apply, apply and reapply all day long.