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They set out on a journey to provide high quality clothing at unbeatable prices. Since their personal shoppers spend hours daily searching for great clothes from some of today’s best brands they are able to pass along the savings to their members. We all know how frustrating it can be finding out that the cool button down you found after hours of shopping is completely over priced, or that slick pair of jeans that wouldn’t even need to be tailored are priced between a whopping $100-150. Fly Threads is here to help in bring you those styles and qualities to you without feeling the pain in your wallet.

Let’s face it, we’d all rather spend that extra cash on vacations or going out and experiencing life to its fullest and now you can!

How it Works

The process is straightforward and simple. Once you sign up to become a member you will be asked to fill out a personal style quiz and create your profile. You will see your style in your personalized online closet.

This informs us to know exactly what kind of styles you like and what you consider your personal style to be.

Once we get this aligned, our designers get down to work on finding you exactly what you are looking for. Each month they will customize your package to match your taste and wants. You will receive 3 to 4 main items; these could be anything from a button down or a t-shirt to a pair of jeans and a sweater, even shoes. On top of your 3-4 items you will also receive an additional item as a GIFT when you join. You can also receive a gift if you refer a friend! This item could be anything from a jeans to a pair of socks, or even a jacket to go along with your styled out order you would be getting that month. Whatever you receive, it will always be something that matches your personal profile; if you don’t like plaid well then you won’t be receiving it. That is our goal and our work ethic. With every package, you’ll have a minimum value of $120 at your doorstep!

Who are they

Fly Threads is a Upscale clothing subscription for men. Including Unique and creative monthly themes designed around extraordinary men. Each package is elegantly crafted and constructed elements for the spirit of High End Fashion.

Fly Threads was established in Summer of 2017. Our Company’s showroom is located in New York City.

Fly Threads is much more than just the products. It’s the commitment and passion we bring you to get you to the lifestyle you envision yourself and joining others who share the same passion.

They encourage curiosity and exploration of all of our frequently featured guides and tips in our Press, Blog, & Social Media networks.

They welcome you in with your taste in originality and luxury. With this kind of insight, you can confidently share tips with people who adore your fashion tastes.

With the influx of testimonials, you might be mentioned, of course with your consent.

“We’ll Shop for you. Saving you Time & Money!”
-Fly Threads