Fragrance of the Week: Gentlemen Only Givenchy


Charlotte Bound



When dressing up and going out, you should not stop at just putting on your clothes and doing up your hair. Sure, those things show in photographs but if you are a true fashion lover you will know the importance of a good perfume. A fragrance defines you and makes you all the more appealing to the people around you. So if you were waiting for a perfect fragrance to turn on the charm, your wait is all but over. The Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense scent is here! The fragrance comes a year after the launch of the Givenchy Gentleman Only, which by itself had created quite a stir. The light blue bottle gives way to a twilight hued foggy bottle and you can immediately understand that the newer version is more suited for the evening while last year’s scent was distinctly for the daytime.

So what makes the new perfume stand out? Well, in addition to the existing mix of Givenchy Gentleman Only, Intense has some Texan cedar wood, tonka bean and leather accord tones to it as well, giving the perfume a truly well-balanced summer feel. The perfume stands out particularly because the scents develop over time. When you spray it on, there is a green mandarin and pepper effect and gradually it transforms into a more vanilla-like fragrance as the evening progresses. It is understated, not overtly sweet and very summery. These qualities set the Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense apart from most of the current perfumes that ride on the woody, heady ticket.

So gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your bottle of this brilliant fragrance. Whether you are planning to take your lady out for a movie date or you want to go dancing with her, this perfume will be the perfect choice. It is light, yet sophisticated, it is sweet smelling but not over the top and priced at £47.50, it is very affordable as well.

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