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If you’re seeking a fun and unique project for your garden, you’re going to love this meditation garden.

Meditation spaces are ideal. They can help you to set aside time from your busy day to meditate and take some time out. You and your home will be more relaxed and rejuvenated when you have a meditation garden area.

What Works Well In A Meditation Garden?

How much space does a meditation garden require? What elements will work best in a meditation garden?

You won’t really require a lot of space to make your meditation garden. One time, in Houston a small patio that was a mere 6X8 foot between an apartment and a parking lot (separated via a 10-foot fence) into a nice meditation garden. When you have two children and two very stressful jobs, you’ll appreciate the smallest of gardens. If you don’t have time for any upkeep (and we certainly didn’t) you’ll be able to use elements such as raked gravel and a few lawn chairs as well as some decorations to create your own private oasis. You may also wish to add in a large umbrella for some shade and a wind chime (leave the wind out though). Now that you know you won’t require a lot of space, you can take your time and design it to your liking. It won’t have to cost a lot of money and it won’t have to take long to create it. You’ll have your own private zen area.

Many things remind us of calm. In a meditation garden, you’ll come up with some simple elements that will help you to relax. These elements will be different for everyone. What is relaxing to some may not be relaxing to others. Here are some of the most basic elements to start with.

Shade: You’ll appreciate a nice shady area to escape the heat of the sun and the glare. A good example is how peaceful and serene a forest can be.

Green: Green, in and of itself, is a calming color. Most of the greenery is a soft multi-hued color. Native plants are ideal and will require less maintenance. They will also attract some wildlife.

Water: Many people find the ocean calming. However, if you can’t make your meditation garden at the ocean, why not near a babbling brook or mountain stream? You may even want a koi pond or large outdoor water fountains.

Seating: You’ll want somewhere comfy to sit so include a hammock or a nice reclining lawn chair to meditate in. Even a yoga mat will do.