Gardens Tips For Better Meditation


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A meditation garden is not quite as playful and whimsical as a children’s garden, as they are used as a place for reflection and relaxation. When you work to design your reading or meditation garden, it is crucial that you choose a serene color pattern. Think of the way that Claude Monet worked to use pastels, avoiding earth colors like brown. Meditation gardens are made to create an airy landscape that fosters focus of mind, serenity and offers the perfect place for you to visit when you need to get away.

Understand Flower Symbolism

Before you plant any flowers, it is a good idea to research the different symbolism of each You want to select plants and flowers that are going to work to attract hummingbirds and wildlife, while also symbolizing positive character traits and virtues. With feng shui, there are some plants that may be more auspicious than others. However, most flowers do have their own meanings. For example, the daisy symbolizes patience and loyalty. Think about planting a magnolia tree to work as the anchor tree in your meditative garden. This is a tree that offers large white blooms that will give you peace and contentment. When it comes to practical purposes, plant any bee loving plants a good distance away from your meditation garden seating areas.

Look For Night Blooming Flowers

Some of the best gardens are those that can be used body during the day, as well as in the evening hours or early morning time. The angel trumpet tree can bloom when the hours are cooler, such as in the early morning and evening. Night blooming moonflower is also wonderful in a meditation garden on a trellis. Just be sure that you install several solar lighting fixtures along the edge portion of your garden for use at night. Here are some beautiful night blooming flowers.

Wind Chimes And Water Features

Staying with feng shui, a water feature is a nice way to bring prosperity into your life. Wind chimes are a nice way to help positive chi energy circulate through the space. If you add in a bird bath for your meditative garden, just be sure that you select on that is set up with a water wiggler or fountain that will help to keep the water moving instead of being stagnant. Check out these from Outdoor Fountain Pros. A lot of today’s birth baths will have solar panels that work to keep the water circulating. Additionally, the soothing sounds of the water cascading and the wind chimes will be just right for anyone who may want to read or even meditate in the beginning or the ending of their day.

Go With Serene Colors

Monet was well known for a limited palette, including various greens and yellows, titanium white, crimson, cobalt blue, vermillion hues or orange/red. A great suggestion is matching up the color scheme of money by planting pink, blue, white or red asters that have sunny yellow centers. Think about colorful butterflies coming in that will complement the meditation garden space, such as the monarch or the spicebush swallowtail. For this, all you have to do is plant varieties that butterflies love, including coneflowers, milkweed, butterfly week, butterfly bushes, lantana or azalea.

Meditation gardens are also a wonderful way to invigorate you or your family to make their way outside. Think of getting all of the senses involved during the design process so that you can select a variety of smells, sounds, textures and more. The right selection will bring together a relaxing meditation garden space that will truly be a work of art.