Giving A Great Foot Massage


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Foot massages are extremely relaxing and can make a person feel great – but what’s the secret behind giving a good one – here are some great tips.

What should I know about giving a good foot massage?

You have the ability to use oil, cocoa butter, lotion, lanolin or any creams or oils that are made specifically for use on the feet. Foot massages are a great way to improve circulation and can also aid in relaxation. Areas of the feet that are cramped, tender and tight can feel better after a quality massage.

Giving A Foot Massage

Consult a physician prior to giving a foot massage, as certain people with medical conditions like gout or diabetes will need to take special precautions. Never give a foot massage if the person has feet that are swollen or have warts or blisters on them.

Massaging the foot

Just put a small amount of warm oil or lotion into your hand, then smooth it over the foot.

Firmly hold the foot using both hands, rubbing the top portion of the foot with a firm motion using your thumbs. Start at the tip of the toes, moving slowly up to the ankle. Use a motion that goes back and forth towards the toes, rubbing with a lighter stroke. You can repeat this step two or more times.

Continue holding the food using both hands, moving your thumbs to the bottom portion of the foot. Rub along the bottom of the foot and then start at the tip of the toes, moving your thumbs firmly toward the heel. Then, go back into the direction of the toes, rubbing the bottom of the foot using your thumbs. You can repeat this step two or more times then repeat on the other foot. Alternatively, you could use a foot massage machine like this.

Massaging the toes with pulling

Hold the foot using one hand, grasping it right under the arch. With the other hand, hold the big toe in your thumb and index finger. Slightly turn the toe and pull until you reach the end of it. Slid the thumb and index finger back toward the base of the toe. Repeat this with each toe on the foot before moving to the other foot and repeating the steps.

Massaging the toes with sliding

Hold the foot using one hand, cradling it behind the heel. Put in your index finger from the other hand between the toes. Work on moving the finger towards the base of the toes and then back toward the end of the toes. You can repeat this move two or three times in between all of the toes, then repeat all of the above steps on the other foot.