Google l iWatch : Android Wear


Charlotte Bound



After months of speculation and a lot of hype, the iWatch has finally been launched. But wait! This is not an Apple product. Yes, you read that right. The iWatch has been launched by Google and goes by the name of Android Wear. The smart watch has a one-of-a-kind operating system that has been exclusively customized for it. The gadget is filled with a lot of cool apps including the Google Now app which enables you to command the watch to do things for you. So whether you want reply to messages, check for the bus or train timing or shut the garage door, you can do it all using this uber-cool smart watch. And of course, similar to its competitors like Nike Fuelband, the Android Wear has all the fitness tracking apps that you will need. The search giant is in talks with Motorola and LG to form a partnership. Two models are in the pipeline. The Motorola 360 model is quite impressive to look at and has a circular interface and the user can choose a metal or a plastic band.

The smart watch is pretty impressive and if you are looking for some new gadgets this summer, do take a look at the Android Wear. Of course you cannot compare it to an Omega or a Seiko, but you can score a lot of points with this super efficient and breakthrough product. The folks at Google made us wait for a long time and in the meanwhile Pebble, Samsung and Sony also tried their hands at this gadget. But now that we have the Android Wear in front of us, the wait seems worthwhile. You can now literally flash the tech on your wrist. Go on, give it a try!

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