Great Tips for Caring For Your Beard


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Looking after your beard will help it look great and ensure that you get those admiring glances. So, how do you care for your facial hair – we take a look below.

Pick The Right Beard Style

Beards are definitely not one size fits all. The perfect style is going to depend on the shape of your face, and matching up your beard with your natural gifts is necessary in order to look your beardy best. According to Dr. Peterkin, the wrong beard style may accentuate less desirable facial features (e.g. weak jaws, loose necks, thin lips) instead of concealing them. Picking a style that works well with the planes (horizontal and vertical surfaces) of your face is essential.

For men with round faces or chubby chins, beard styles that feature strong lines and sharp borders work very well. Consider growing out a squared-off style like a goatee, or simply letting your chin whiskers grow longer than those on your cheeks. If you’ve got an angular face with sunken cheeks, you can reverse this strategy and grow longer beard-hair on your cheeks to add volume. Growing the sides of your beard out is also a great idea if you have a long face. The added girth provided by your facial hair will balance out your face and make it more proportional. Don’t neglect the possibility of consulting a professional expert; a barber can usually steer you toward the perfect style if you’re stumped on your own.

Neatness Is Everything

There’s a reason why “guy with a beard” and “guy who doesn’t shave” are two very distinct looks. Diligent maintenance and grooming are what separate a beard from a mess. Of course, the style you choose (as above) is going to play a large role in determining just how much grooming is required. As a general rule of thumb, a daily razor pass to keep the edges of your beard sharp is an excellent idea. Use warm (not hot) water to do this, and shave with the grain of your hair. Blades should be changed every five shaves. An electric beard trimmer is also a good idea and can make the whole process a lot easier – this website reviews a wide array of them and is worth looking into. Remember to shake your blade out thoroughly after you use it so that it doesn’t start to rust.

Always Moisturize

Even when it’s hidden beneath a luxuriant beard, the skin on your face needs to be kept clean and moisturized. If you neglect your skin, it may compensate by pumping out too much oil. Keeping your skin hydrated will keep in looking youthful and prevent premature wrinkles. Using a moisturizer with sunscreen in it is also a good idea, especially for the areas of your face not covered by your beard. Remember to dab some moisturizer on the skin of your neck after you’ve trimmed up the edge of your beard, too.

Shampoo On Your Beard

Beard hair needs the same kind of hygienic care as the stuff on your scalp in order to keep it looking presentable. For most guys, using the same shampoo used on the head will work in a pinch. Most face washes will also do a great job of keeping beards clean. Just remember to rinse your beard thoroughly so that you don’t get soapy residue, flaking, and drying.

If you find that your facial hair grows in very tough and wiry, you may want to use a beard balm or beard oil. These products prevent flyaways and help keep your natural moisture inside your whiskers. They also soften the texture of your hair so that it doesn’t feel too bristly.

Use The Right Maintenance Tools

Especially bold and experienced guys can keep their beards in order with just a comb and a pair of sharp scissors. For convenience and consistency, though, you’ll probably want a decent set of clippers or trimmers to handle the job. You’ll still need to have a good pair of scissors handy in order to trim stray long hairs. A set of tweezers is invaluable for treating the occasional ingrown hair.

Image Source: Mr.Porter