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A groundbreaking new Journal has been built around a core framework that gets guys writing.

Mind Journal is a powerful yet simple journal designed for the modern day

man. It uses a straightforward framework that gives guys the power of
writing as a way of navigating the challenges of life.
Years ago the idea of a man sitting and jotting down his thoughts in a book, was common
place. Over the years this has sadly been lost. Guys no longer pour their highs and
lows down on paper. And with it has come an epidemic failure to provide men with the
necessary tools to cope with modern day stresses.

Now is a more crucial time than ever for guys to get writing again.
I’ve personally lived with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my life and the one thing
that has helped me the most is a journal. But every time I go to write, I always have the
same thoughts and feelings prior to writing — I don’t really want to do this and what the
heck do I write?
So I’ve created Mind Journal — a journal built around a set of questions and tasks that
build strength from within, the more you use it. They’re more than just writing prompts.
What I’ve created is a simple yet effective framework that will help kickstart your writing
sessions, every time.- Ollie Aplin

A very neat little manual to help you get the most out of using your
Mind Journal. This comes with every journal along with a custom designed case that helps
not only protect your journal but also keeps it safe from nosy so-and-so’s.
There is a real pressure on guys in today’s society to look a certain way, to perform
at an increasing capacity and to cope unfaded and without question. And there’s a
ton of products and tools on the market to help with this: gyms, nutrition supplements,
productivity apps etc..
But there is nothing to help guys cope with their mental welfare. This is where Mind
Journal becomes powerful. Its stripped back, no-nonsense approach does away with any
doubt or scepticism. It’s for the modern, everyday guy that doesn’t meditate or do yoga —
the guy that believes in the power of simple things and simple solutions.

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Indeed it is a great project to back, for a great cause, and we are also looking forward to see the outcome and further steps from Mind Journal. Find out more on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roughtype/mind-journal-a-groundbreaking-new-journal-for-men?token=25ace51f