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Heading into the fall and winter seasons of 2015, one of the fashion suggestions that kept popping up for men was the idea of an oversized coat. Vogue counted the idea among its 15 menswear trends for the season, and in time since then we’ve seen a number of different variations on the idea of bulky, oversized outerwear used in a tasteful and fashionable manner.

Now that the winter is really setting in and the weather is cooling off fairly significantly in much of the world, oversized outerwear is really starting to become more appealing. After all, added bulk means added warmth, and with much of the western world experiencing an unseasonably warm autumn, oversized outerwear wasn’t the most practical or comfortable option for a few months. But as we ease into the holiday season, it’s becoming a much more viable option.

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Zara Man Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of cold weather oversized outerwear for men might be a standard bulky peacoat, trench, or camel coat, and certainly these are among the options. However, Fashion Beans showcased some other ways to wear the trend and included a lot of fun ideas that many might not have thought of yet. For instance, oversized denim jackets and “modern hoodies” made the list, as did a long hanging bomber jacket and a very simple but very classy zip-up wool coat. Each of these makes for a nice way to embrace the trend without going for one of the more obvious options you might at first consider.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2014
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Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2014
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Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2014

Furthermore, if you want to embrace the trend but prefer to focus more on bulk and warmth, there are some wonderful hooded parka options pointed out at King Size Direct. These types of pieces are almost naturally oversized, and they can also lend themselves more naturally to layering than some of the other types of oversized outerwear out there. That can make them particularly appealing options for coming and going to holiday parties, or even for travelling.

So really, there are all kinds of ways to embrace this trend, which makes it one of the easier bits of style advice out there for men. In fact, the tricky part might be narrowing down the options. There are so many different and appealing oversized pieces of outerwear, from the standard peacoats and camel coats to hooded parkas and wool zip-ups, that you may even want to stock up on a few for the cold months ahead. But whatever you end up with, this is a perfectly manageable trend to take advantage of.

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