Jack O'Connell Will Play Alexander McQueen in Upcoming Biopic


Emanuel Mendes


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Pathé and directorAndrew Haigh will make a biopic of McQueen starring actor Jack O’Connell. The Untitled project is said to be based on the fashion designer’s 2015 biography, Blood Beneath The Skin – written by Andrew Wilson.

Alexander McQueen  died in 2010 by suicide at the age of 40, he was one of the UK’s most successful and in demand designers, according to those behind the film, the movie will center around the months leading up to his 2009 fashion show.

”It was a show that he dedicated to his mother and one in which he tried to make sense of his life and art. The film explores McQueen’s creative process in the months leading up to the show, providing an intimate portrait of the man behind the global brand – a moving celebration of a visionary genius whose designs transcended fashion to become art.” It will also be interesting to see Jack O’Connell’s interpretation of the beloved designer, which should be a monumental role for the rising 26-year-old actor. – Pathé Statement

Andrew Haigh well known for his films “Weekend” and “45 Years.” He also been in production of HBO series “Looking” where he directed 10 of its 18 episodes as well as the TV movie, which he also co-wrote.

The film will be released by the end of 2017.

Image/source- Jack O’Connell.com