The Limited Editions Fragrance By Z ZEGNA


Kojo Jumah


The creator and driving force behind Gentleman's Division. Kojo is ...

Three new fragrances inspired by three of the world’s most exciting cities Shanghai, Milan and New York: the cities that inspire, the cities that never sleep. From taxis to takeoffs, these cities inspired a limited edition collection for the young travelling man: for the dreamers and for the creators. For the men who know that the journey is as important as the destination. A limited edition of three.


New York is an intoxicating mix of the addictive depth of rum, davana oil and patchouli notes. The mystery and intrigue of a New York City vibe is captured with the addictive depth of a Rum cocktail-inspired trail. Woody Oriental with key ingredients of: Rum, Davana Oil, Patchouli.

The Limited Editions Fragrance By Z ZEGNA -04


Milan’s beat is a masculine blend of beauty and sophistication with notes of fig, clary sage and sandalwood. Beyond the city limits, the beauty of the Italian countryside is celebrated through the masculine vivaciousness of Fig Trees and Sage. Woody Fruity with key ingredients of: Fig, Clary Sage, Sandalwood.

The Limited Editions Fragrance By Z ZEGNA -02


Shanghai’s pulse is a vibrantly electric with the sporty edge of cardamom, violet and guaiac wood notes. The city’s sheer exhilaration is made electric through vibrant spices and aromatics with a sporty edge. Woody Aromatic with key ingredients of Cardamom, Violet Leaves, Guaiac Wood.

The Limited Editions Fragrance By Z ZEGNA -03