A Look at the Different Types of Men's Suits for Different Occasions


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Famous American actress Loretta Young once said, “Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners.” And this statement aptly sums up the value of dressing well.

However, dressing well just does not end with wearing stylish clothes; it extends to wearing the appropriate clothes depending on the type of occasion.

If you are a man who has to attend an event – either a big business meeting or a funeral or even casual event – and are confused about what kind of suit to wear for the event, read on and get to know what to wear.

Business Meetings

Well, this is quite simple as you have to keep your suit as formal as you can! Opt for a classic fit suitin colors like black, brown or grey.

Other colors you usually can’t go wrong with include cream, green and blue. Similarly, an ideal choice would be a three-piece suit with a tie in a color that contrasts the color of your shirt.

Although there are different patterns of business suits available, try and keep it simple by going for suits in solid colors for your first business meeting. If you tend to have multiple meetings with the same clients, getting a striped formal suit as a replacement makes sense.

Weddings and other similar events

If it is your wedding, then all eyes will be on you (besides the bride, of course!). So ensure that you dress your best.

You can opt for a tuxedo or a wedding suit in classic two pieces or three pieces. Remember to get the perfect fit for your suit and wear a color that complements the bride’s dress.

Casual events

If you decide to wear a suit for a casual event, you can choose to wear casual suits or even tuxedos. In casual suits, choose from slim fit suits, extreme slim fit suits or modern fit suits.

Casual events even give you the freedom to experiment with different patterns, meaning that the options may range from checkered suits to plaid suits to even windowpane suits.


Funerals are a somber event and you should avoid wearing a flashy suit to a funeral. We understand that choosing a suit that’s appropriate for a funeral might be tricky, but you would be surprised to know that now you can find funeral ready suitson the market as well.


Although black is the best bet when it comes to the color of the suit at a funeral, you can even choose a dark grey or a navy blue suit. You can pair your black suit with a solid black shirt and your other colored suits with a white shirt.


When choosing your suit for any of the above occasion, do keep the weather in mind and pick the fabric of your suit accordingly.


Follow the above tips and we are sure that you will make no faux pas when dressing for different occasions.