Look Stylish Effortlessly

or Tips on Wearing Accessories for Men


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Wearing accessories to enhance your outfit and express your personal style is as important and natural for men as it is for women. The sexist stereotypes that have reigned for a while in our society are broken today, as they should have been long ago. In fact, the men of all historic époques have been wearing plenty of accessories and jewelry to signify their stats. So, claiming them to be ‘unmanly’ is outright ridiculous. However, as wearing accessories beyond watches and belts has been considered near taboo for modern men for a long time, many of them haven’t developed the necessary fashion sense to wear them with class and style. So, if you plan to accessorize today, you’ll need to review some fashion tips and rules.

How to Wear Accessories: Tips for Men

Choose your favourite accessories

Accessories aren’t only your watch, belt, shoes, tie, and a wedding ring. They include sunglasses, hats, pins, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and scarves. Take some time to research all available options. For example you can look up the Men’s Accessories section of Amazon or check out the best men’s jewelry brands.

Pick which pieces will go with your personal style and go for them. If you don’t yet know what your personal style is going to be, choose ‘neutral’ and simple pieces, like the Lunar Essence Necklace or a plain silver and leather bracelet. These things will give something extra to your outfit.

If you are bolder, you can choose some amazing statement, pieces, like this:



Wear one statement piece at a time

While you can wear several bracelets, rings, necklaces, or all of the above, at the same time, you should only wear one statement piece. So, it’s either wearing a few ‘simple’ and elegant accessories, or going in big with one, like the examples from above.

In the latter case, the rest of your outfit should be understated to make the particular piece stand out more. Note that this is the same for any accessory, not only jewelry. However, you do get a bit of leeway with hats, bags, and ties, as you can wear them with a statement jewelry piece. Unless, those items themselves are your statement, like a multicolored silk scarf.

Always wear your jewelry with confidence

Your emotional state and attitude show in your body language and can display your lack of confidence for all to see. So, make sure the only messages you send out are that of confidence in your own attractiveness and style.

Don’t fidget with the jewelry you are wearing. You know it looks good, or you wouldn’t have put it on, right?

You should never let anyone with outdated beliefs stop you from wearing the accessories you like. If they make their opinion known, ignore it as no one has the right to tell you how to look. Be confident and wear your accessories with pride as you’ve chosen them, you paid for them, and you deserve to have them admired by the people who aren’t stuck in the past.