Massimo Dutti Launches Soft brand with VR experience


Emanuel Mendes


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Premium label Massimo Dutti launches Soft, its new capsule collection, and takes the shopping experience into the world of virtual reality.

The collection includes quilted jackets, polos, cotton t-shirts and trousers, crafted from high quality premium fabrics. With elegant and clean silhouettes that offer its clientele stylish everyday wear. The VR store can be accessed and navigated via a VR headset, The VR shopping experience can also be viewed online.

The experience takes you on a 360 degree panoramic view, which lets customers tour around the VR store and select items form the collection for purchase. You then can then chose to pay for their items through the standard online checkout, or inside the VR store.

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Inditex is working to implement Alibaba’s VR payment services, that lets consumers complete a transaction by simply nodding. The future is here for Online VR shopping.