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White accentuates a perfect tan like no other colour and contributes a great deal to a casual, relaxed, yet extremely sophisticated look. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why white is constantly reinterpreted by many top-rated fashion houses that choose to rely on this very permissive tone to create and launch resort-friendly new-arrivals that are just perfect for a breezy summer spent by the pool.

The immaculate, pristine look was majestically achieved by many giant brands, including Versace, Lou Dalton, Jil Sander, Gucci and Alexander McQueen. From white boating shoes to casual tees to extremely elaborate two-piece suits, laser-cut T-shirts and luxurious coats, white has clearly dominated the fashion scene in London and Milan.

An all-white ensemble is the very definition of class and refinement, and represents a fantastic choice for men who are striving to make a fashion statement on a daily basis. As long as you master the basic rules of layering and invest in a few quality pieces that are interpreted as must-haves at this point in time, you should be able to make an awesome first impression while wearing white on white.

White Is Making a Huge Comeback

It may not be all that easy to wear, and it can make you feel very uncomfortable around a glass of red wine or any other culinary self-indulgence that could leave a rebellious stain, but white is an absolutely divine colour. Due to its versatility, undeniable charm and unmatched beauty, white is a central element evoked by some of the hottest spring/summer 2015 trends. All in all, during London Men’s Fashion Week, we’ve managed to get a glimpse of the emerging white mania, built around summer looks that are here to stay, unveiled by Gieves & Hawkes, Sankuanz, Christopher Shannon and Common.

Decoding the All-White Mystery: Key Pieces and Novelty Factors That Are Worth Your Attention

Gieves & Hawkes impressed with its gorgeous all-white 2-piece suit that could be easily labelled as a smart investment, due to its versatility, classic cut and subtle elegance. Worn with white shoes and a greyish tie, this suit becomes a symbol of masculine refinement and the power of seduction.

Andrea Pompilio Spring Summer 2015

Andrea Pompilio takes the layering art to a whole new level by showing us how to mix and match different pieces to obtain a practical and 100% wearable look, without making any compromises. The Andrea Pompilio SS2015 collection is all about combining different textures and lengths and making them seem like equally important parts of the same whole. White shorts, circular geometrical patterns, immaculate sweaters with round perforations and round necklines that go extremely well on top of a white shirt, seem to be the main motifs of this impressive collection.

Men's Emerging Trends White on White-Andrea_Pompilio_SS15


Andrea Pompilio Spring Summer 2015

Jil Sanders Spring Summer 2015

Jil Sander is reinterpreting its love for virginal white in a completely different manner, by adding a subtle touch of yellow to its summery designs. If you can imagine a long-sleeved white shirt with ¾ white pants with yellow stripes, black socks and elegant white sandals, then you’ve got the right image of the visual tale narrated by Jil Sander. Its SS2015 collection introduced in Milan is all about the white and solar, French fry yellow duality.

Men's Emerging Trends White on White - Jil Sander SS15

Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2015

Bottega Veneta is no stranger to the luminous and extremely popular white-on-white trend. Embracing a conservative look, Bottega Veneta rolled out long, white pants, paired with fantastic white zipper jackets with a lower belt, which resembles a softer version of a vintage motorcycle jacket. This brand also brings the tucked-in impeccable white T-shirt worn with full-length pants, a large handbag with beige handles and a classic jacket with rolled up sleeves.

Men's Emerging Trends White on White - Bottega_Veneta


Cornelliani  Spring Summer 2015

Cornelliani plays with different shades of white and introduces a few key pieces like the baggy pants, minimalist jackets, comfortable hooded parkas, leather tees and beautiful sandals. Cornelliani is a true master of layering and succeeded in mesmerizing the audience in Milan, during its entire white show that also features a few discrete samples of sage green and powder blue.

Men's Emerging Trends White on White Cornelliani__SS15


Costume National Homme  Spring Summer 2015

Costume National Homme brings back the 3-piece suit by unveiling a combo of a white vest with yellowish vertical stripes, white pants and a long jacket, complemented by a black scarf tied around the neck.

Men's Emerging Trends White on White - Costume_National_Homme__SS15


How to Pull Off the Right Look

White is the perfect colour to wear during the spring and summer, and it’s a refreshing alternative to neon colours and pastel colours that have been ruling the runways. But the white-on-white trend isn’t for every man.

The all-white look is often difficult to pull off. You need to wear the right ensemble for the right occasion. A white-on-white suit in linen or gauze is ideal to wear to a daytime wedding rather than the office.

Be careful of what tones of white you wear. Cream and off-white can add weight to your size. They are ideal colours if you’re a skinny male and you want to appear bulkier or have broader shoulders. But they are not a great idea if you’re a larger male who wants to appear slimmer.

Wearing white is also not very practical. This colour is much more susceptible to stains and dirt, especially when worn at a picnic or barbeque. It may be impossible to wear a crisp white shirt to work, since you may have coffee stains on it by the end of the day. White also loses its brightness after so many washes.

The white-on-white trend can work if you have the confidence to wear it. Start small and add a white piece to your wardrobe. Match it with a white t-shirt, polo shirt or a white button-down shirt. For example, wear a white blazer over a white polo. Accessorize with coloured accessories and footwear to break up your look.

Style Inspiration

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, most SS2015 collections prove that white is here to stay. Representing a fantastic pick for any kind of summery outfit, white is the perfect choice when it comes to layering textures and achieving a personalized, cool look that will never disappoint or raise any eyebrows.