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Picking and selecting items of clothing for your ever-growing wardrobe is a whole lot easier than choosing the right accessories. The options are endless and they come in such a wide selection of colours, styles, materials and patterns.

Bear with me for a second here, although the world of men’s accessories is far and wide, we here at have compiled an essentials list of accessories that every modern day gent should have in his arsenal.


 Formal Watch  in gold or silver, it all comes down to personal taste. Make sure you have at least one formal metal watch for the occasions that call for you to suit up. But please make sure to avoid gaudy designs, large bezels, large faces or over the top bling. For me personally I would go for a model with a leather strap and a classic aesthetic, such as the watches by Pathek.


Cotton socks in navy, black and grey. Make sure you have enough to last you at least a week or two. Completely depending on how often you do your laundry. Patterned and coloured socks should also be part of your wardrobe, have a few pairs of socks in either pastel colours or catchy patterns, for those days when you feel a little outgoing.


Leather Belt

This simple piece of animal skin, can make or break any outfit. Get a leather belt in either black or brown, to match your footwear. Or opt for a reversible brown/black belt. You don’t necessarily have to stick to either a black or brown belt, sometimes a pop of colour can do so much to help complete an outfit. Choose a few colours that you know you will be able to combine and stock up on a few of them.

Leather Holdall Leather Belt-02 Leather Belt-01

Pocket Squares

Every modern day gent MUST have pocket squares. Stick with a handful of white pocket squares to complete your formal looks. A lot of men out there enjoy combining their pocket squares with the colour of their shirt, but that’s just too much. Pocket squares are meant to stand out, so opt for colours, patterns and prints you like.


Tie Clip

Only opt for tie clips if you are not wearing a cardigan or waistcoat. That just tells the world you are trying to hard. At the end of the day, they serve the same purpose. Wear tie clips properly, make sure it is NOT wider than the tie you are wearing and you are pretty much set. It’s that easy.

Tie-Clip-03 Tie-Clip-02 Tie-Clip-01

Neutral Coloured Umbrella

Invest in a sturdy umbrella, strong enough to withstand the elements. Each and every high end designer has umbrella that they offer every season, have a look at the umbrellas by Gucci or Louis Vuitton if you prefer a statement piece.

Umbrella-03 Umbrella-02 Umbrella-01


All I can say is, invest in a good pair of sunglasses. They will last you a lifetime and a great pair of sunglasses just puts the cherry on top of your look. There are many options out there, but stick to the classics such as the wayfarer and the clubmaster models.

Sunglasses-03 Sunglasses-02 Sunglasses-01

Leather Holdall

opt for a size that will fit your things for a weekend getaway, but also check to see if it is light enough for you to carry your work and gym clothing. Check out our article on Men’s Bags for a more in depth look.

Leather Holdall


The models we see today are so much more convenient compared to the bags we know from before. Briefcases today are more catered to the technologically inclined gents, with proper storage for all your gadgets and laptops. Protect your expensive gear in style and opt for the severely stylish briefcases by Burberry, Ted Baker and Mulberry. For a more in depth look at bags check out our article dedicated to bags of all shapes and sizes.

Briefcase Briefcase-02 Briefcase-1


Every modern day gent should have a backpack in his wardrobe. Gone are the days when students were the only people using backpacks, today’s iterations have been redesigned to fit better with today’s aesthetics. They are still utilitarian at heart but just check out the bags by Givenchy and you will know why the backpack is making such a comeback.

Backpack-01 Backpack


So of you might be shocked at this, but as a matter of fact, jewellery is no longer taboo in the menswear segment. Think this through and find a piece of jewelry that you can relate to. Make it personal. Don’t be afraid to wear jewelry, just keep in mind that men should keep it simple, and never exceed more than three items at the same time.



Have a few in neutral tones to keep your head warm during the colder season of the year, opt for breathable cotton or wool so that even when the sun does decide to come out, your head stays cool.

Beanies-01 Beanies


They come in all sizes, patterns, fabrics and colours. Buy a few that you know will complement your current wardrobe, neutral tones always work well. But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with some pop in colours. I cannot get over the quality and lush feel of the scarves from Edition Scotland and Universal Works, cashmere works for men as well, you know.

Scarves-01 Scarves


When the weather gets nippy, gloves are a must. The choices are abundant so just make sure to go through a checklist when buying a pair of gloves. Style, material, practicality and warmth.

Gloves-01 Gloves

Final Thoughts 

These are the items all fashion forward men should have in their wardrobe, this is just a rough guide to the essentials. For each and every item we mentioned, you should personalise it in some way and make sure it jives nicely with the items of clothing you already have.