The best beard and stubble styles for men 2014


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Considering the fact that your face is a pretty important part of your everyday interactions with people, anything that covers at least half of it needs to be considered very carefully. If you are thinking about the best way to style your beard or stubble then this guide can give you a few useful pointers. Facial hair generally takes longer to grow than the hair atop your head, but of course facial hair grows at different rates for different men. Unlike your hairstyle, changing your beard can be done for free at home letting you experiment from one look to another by just growing out or shaving your beard.

Below we have compiled for you a short list of the best beard and stubble styles for men in 2014. All the styles below have been carefully selected to add tonnes of style to your appearance without demanding a visit to the barber every few days.

1. Heavy Stubble If you have a fast growing beard and don’t want to drift into the full beard, the heavy stubble is the way to go. It is considered a beard for all seasons, and lends an aura of easy going manliness that goes best with casual attire. Further, it is perhaps one of the easiest to maintain.

To maintain the heavy stubble, let your facial hair grow for a week and then use a trimmer to ensure that it stays within limits. If your beard grows fast, this may become an everyday affair, but it is still more convenient than other styles.


2. Full Beard Exuding a sense of maturity and professionalism, the full beard looks best when it is slightly tinged with grey. Indeed, you should never try to hide those grey hairs in your beard (which is where they tend to appear first anyway). Furthermore, since the three parts of the beard, namely the beard, whiskers and the moustache, tend to cover the whole face, the full beard is suitable for virtually any facial shape and size.

Contrary to what you would expect, the full beard requires serious maintenance, with regular trimming needed to ensure it does not become excessively bushy or wiry.


3. The Gandalf/ Dumbledore Some of the greatest personalities in history (Marx, Engels and Tagore,

for instance) have had long hanging beards that gave a look of unmatched authority and maturity to their faces. However, they tend to become dust attractors and can easily go out of control.

Indeed, to maintain this beard, you will need to regularly trim it and also apply conditioners regularly.


4. Five o Clock Shadow Yet another good choice for those with fast growing beards, the five o clock shadow has been the preferred choice of many because it adds a casual manliness, though perhaps not the easygoing style of the heavy stubble.

Don’t be fooled by the casual look though  the Shadow needs to be trimmed everyday to keep it in good shape.


5. The Mangora Placed somewhere between the five o clock and the more heavier styles listed above, the Mangora tends to be rather slim, and therefore, not very suitable for thin faces. Go for it if your face is broad and round.

To maintain the Mangora, ensure at least one grooming for your beard per week with styling accessories such as the Fusion ProGlide Styler from Gillette.

Final Thoughts

Since a beard unattended tends to move from one style to another more or less on its own, it is rather easy experimenting with different styles of beards. However, no matter what style you choose, you must ensure regular conditioning of your facial hair so that it maintains the luster that is a hallmark of a well groomed man.