The Best New Haircuts for Men


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The Best New Haircuts for Men

Hairstyles have always played an important role in defining your look and can offer a glimpse into your personality in powerful ways, regardless of whether you’re an extrovert who likes bold statement cuts or an introvert who loves the more subtle and classic hairstyles out there. It’s no surprise that most men have one or two clear favourite hairstyles they always return to and it can be hard for them to break the habit and venture into the unknown for something new.

Maybe our look at the hottest hair trends will tempt you to be a little braver and try a new look in 2014! To make your choice simpler, we have done the hard research, and compiled for you the best new haircuts for men.


1. The Mainstream Hipster Perhaps the most popular hairstyle right now, the Hipster is a simple cut with some height at the top (the pomp) and the sides cut short and pressed against the back. Sported by many, including David Beckham and Justin Bieber, this cut will definitely be an eye magnet, so be prepared for some attention. Suitable for Those with straight to wavy hair. Those who have dense and very curly hair, however, will be advised to avoid this look.

How to get this hairstyle Make sure your hair is two to three inches long at the top to allow for sufficient material to build the pomp with Sides are usually short, but can be kept medium, depending on your style. To get the look, you can either style your hair with your fingers, or use a hair-dryer. In either case, the hair at the top should be pushed back slightly, with the sides being flattened backwards. Apply your favourite shine gel with good hold to keep your hair in place.

2. The James Dean  Clean cut enough to be suitable for the office, the James Dean is nevertheless a hairstyle that says Movie Star bold lettering. More importantly (for some), the style has body and pomp, while being surprisingly easy to execute on a daily basis.

Suitable For People with moderately straight to curly hair. Avoid if your hair is excessively straight or curly.

How to get this hairstyle  Keep the sides to top ratio at around 1:2, with the sides being of medium length. Take your favourite pomade and apply it to your hair. Comb straight back to achieve this hairstyle.

3. The Caesar  For those who want a professional hairstyle with minimal maintenance, the Roman favourite is the way to go. Popularised more than a decade ago by Russell Crowe in The Gladiator, the style is gaining popularity again.

Suitable for  Most hair types, except those which are excessively textured.

How to get this hairstyle  The hair should be cut short but evenly both at the top and the sides. This should be sufficient in itself, but if you don’t mind using a little styling product, some pomade to keep you hair slightly forward will help it look clean.



4. The Victor  One of the more subtle faux hawks produces a stunning masculine effect when executed well.

Suitable For  Most hair types will work well with the Victor.

How to get this hairstyle  Apply your favourite hair product and then slowly comb the top hair to the centre, and draw it forward using your fingers. The hair on the sides should be flattened against the shape of the head to complete the effect.



5. The Lucian  One of the most effortlessly handsome looks out there, the Lucian gives the impression of a tough personality who prefers to brush back his hair using his fingers for a more rugged look.

Suitable for  Most hair types. However, those with extremely curly hair should avoid this look.

How to get this hairstyle  For best results, begin by applying some styling product to your hair. Using a comb, push the hair on top first upwards and then backwards. Finish off by combing the hair on the sides flat and backwards.

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling like 2014 is the time to make a new statement with your look, or you just like to keep up with the fresh modern looks in men’s style and fashion then our best cuts for 2014 above should give you a good starting point of inspiration. Now where’s the nearest stylist!