The Right Haircut for Your Face Shape


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If you want to make the most of your natural looks one of the biggest things you can change about yourself without taking drastic measures is your hairstyle. Hair can dramatically alter your image and by finding a haircut to compliment your face shape, you can be sure you are always looking your best.

Simply going for a different haircut to your usual style is not enough; you have to select a hairstyle that not only suits the shape of your face but one that will also enhance and compliment your best features. Many men are tempted to copy a hair style they saw on their favourite personality only for it to fail miserably because it’s not the right style for them.

A good place to start is by first finding out what works for your face shape. Follow our guide below.

Oval face shape


An oval face shape is characterised by a slightly rounded jaw, and no prominent features like a large mouth, eyes or face. The shape of this face resembles the shape of an egg. Such a face is well balanced and therefore gives you so many hairstyles to select from. Some examples of famous celebrities with an oval face shape are Jude Law and Barry Watson.

 Square face shape


This is the ideal masculine face due to the strong jaw line. Most men’s hairstyle tend to be square in shape when compared to women’s hairstyles which tends to be rounder. This face shape allows you a wide selection of styles to choose from. The main consideration when choosing a style is whether you want your hair or face to standout. A short haircut will enhance your facial features whereas having long hair on the top and trimmed edges will make your hair the main focus. An example of a celebrity with a square face shape is David Beckham.

Round face shape


The characteristics of a round face shape are round cheekbones, a round jaw line and the face will look as wide as it is tall. When selecting a hairstyle, don’t choose hairstyles that are round or full since they will make the face look rounder. You can provide balance for this face shape by having the sides trimmed and leaving the hair on top and front longer. Elijah Wood is an example of a celebrity with a round face shape.

Diamond Face shape


The characteristics of a diamond face shape are a pointed jaw line and a narrow forehead. The widest part of the face is the cheek bones. If you have a diamond face shape, the best hairstyle is one that will minimise the wide cheek bones, the narrow forehead and the narrow jaw line. Go for hairstyles where you will get to keep longer hair that has a wavy look. Wearing long wavy hair will widen the appearance of the forehead. People which such a face shape should avoid sharp edges as this will make the ears stick out. Dane Cook is an example of a famous celebrity with a diamond face shape.

Oblong face


The characteristics of an oblong face are similar to an oval face with the difference being that the oblong face is slightly longer. Due to similarities with the oval face, you will be spoilt for choice on the hairstyle to choose. Whichever hairstyle you choose, avoid choosing hairstyles where the sides are too short. This is because such styles will exaggerate the length of your face. An example of a celebrity with oblong face is Marshall Mathers (Eminem.)

Triangular face shape


The distinguishing features of this face shape are a wide jaw line and a narrow forehead. This face shape provides few hairstyles to select from. The best hairstyles are the longer hairstyles which add volume and width on the top. A well known celebrity with a triangular face is Justin Timberlake.

Heart Face shape


This is the opposite of the triangular face shape where the forehead is wide and the jaw line is narrow. Longer hairstyles work well since shorter hairstyles will exaggerate the forehead. If you desperately want a shorter hairstyle, go for something square in shape. You can also grow some facial hair like a small beard which will help maintain balance between the lower and upper halves of your face.

Final Thoughts

So now you have identified your face shape you can easily find some images of styles that work for you. Feel free to print out images and discuss them with your stylist. Remember a well trained hair stylist is in a position to provide guidance on the best hairstyle that will suit you so start a conversation, suggest a style you are interested in and always listen to the stylists feedback.