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If you think about it, your feet have a lot in common with mushrooms. They rarely see the light of day and are often subject to wet conditions. As a result, bacteria can grow and irritation often occurs. The following are some of the most common foot conditions in men and how to treat them.


Warts can pop up on the bottom or the top of the feet. Plantar warts are those that show up on the bottom and are often confused with calluses. However, you can see at least one black pinpoint on the plantar warts. They are not very comfortable to walk on, which is why many men seek out treatment.

Warts are a result of a virus. Exposure typically happens in a wet place, like a pool. Some warts go away by themselves. Salicylic acid is a common over the counter treatment option. If you have a wart that simply won’t go away, speak to a medical professional, who may discuss freeing, laser treatment or removal options.

Morton's Neuroma

Men with Morton’s Neuroma typically feel burning in their toes or on the ball of their feet. The issue is a result of a benign nerve growth.

Purchase shoes that give the toes room to breathe. Also, make sure the sole is soft. Inserts and orthotics can both help. If you feel a lot of pain, speak to a medical professional about corticosteroid injections.

Calluses, Corns

Men typically realize that they have a callus or a corn when they see dead skin cells raising up into a bump or a ridge on their foot. Calluses are typically located on the sole of the foot, and corns are normally on the side or the top of the foot, near the toes. When you have a callus or a corn, wearing shoes may hurt or be uncomfortable.

This foot condition stems from shoes that do not fit correctly. In addition, they can pop up when the foot rubs against some type of abnormality in the shoe. Men that frequently run or walk for exercise also get calluses and corns.

Moleskin padding works well if you have an issue with calluses or corns. Do not attempt to remove the problem yourself. If you need to, see a medical professional. Also, make sure your feet have protection so that you do not get an infection or an injury!

Sore Tired Feet

A lot of us don’t care for our feet and one of the main issues a lot of people find is that their feet are tired and sore. A massage can be a great way to help reinvigorate your feet. However, they can be expensive.

Massage machines for feet have come on a lot way in recent years and can provide a very relaxing experience. So why not relax your feet with a foot massager – foot massagers can help relax your feet and also will aid them in looking great.


When you have hammertoe, at least one of the toes is bent by the first joint. Shoes are often uncomfortable and corns may appear as well.Hammertoe is often a result of a muscle imbalance. Wearing shoes that do not fit well may cause additional problems.

Purchase shoes that give your toes room to breathe. There are also pads available for hammertoe at most drug stores. Speak to a medical professional if you need additional help.

Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s foot often results in blistering, inflammation, itching, and dry skin. Problem areas on the feet include between the toes and on the bottom of the foot.

Athlete’s foot is the result of a fungus. The fungus is able to breed in a dark, wet place. For men who sweat profusely, Athlete’s Foot can be a problem. It is also found in shower rooms, locker rooms and gyms.

An antifungal cream that is available over the counter often does the trick. However, if the problem persists, speak to a medical profession about getting a prescription to treat the problem. If your issue is primarily between your toes, look into a powder. Otherwise, cream works well. In addition, tea tree oil may be helpful.