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Men’s Society is the multiple-award wining British product design brand which specialises in men’s accessories and grooming products. They believe every item that they make should be as good looking as it is good quality.

They work hard to design and make unusual, quirky classics which delight and improve with age and use. As often as possible they make their products in the UK, by hand and using the finest tools available.

Started in 2012 in London, founders Hugo and Bella Middleton have slowly established Men’s Society as one of the leading independent men’s gift and grooming suppliers in Europe.

Apothecary Department
Is an artisan line of small-batch, British made grooming and wellness products, born out of our love affair with botanicals and design.

Apothecary Department was designed for sensual enjoyment, in both its visual and physical forms. To that end – each of our products are as beautifully packaged on the outside as each of our bespoke formulations are considered on the inside. Using only the finest ingredients sourced in England, blended by hand and individually packaged with love by our team in Lincolnshire. Our attention to detail is paramount, as we believe pleasure should be drawn from every sense – our organic textual labels, the simple unfussy fonts to our intoxicating scents and vitality boosting formulas. Apothecary Department is a celebration of British craftmanship, natures goodness and a hint of British whismy.

Leather accessories and barware
Men’s Society’s quirky British spirit is embodied in it’s leather and bar accessories – with leather bicycle wine bottle holders and cast iron spanner’s which open beers – the range remains true to it’s ethos of quality product but keeps it cool with a sense of fun.

Using only the finest craftsmen our leather-goods are made in Britain from start to finish – maintaining and supporting a dying British craft. Using traditional skills that have been passed down from generation to generation – each of our products from the moustache comb cover, to the leather wallet multi-tool has been designed and made using only the finest leather to ensure its ability to with stand a lifetime of use.

Men’s Society’s embodies a very British take of men’s gifts and grooming, being both design and detail focused, only using the very best quality product, yet always maintaining it’s sense of fun.

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