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We at commend people that make bold choices in fashion. We admire celebrities that push the envelope such as Will.I.Am. This may deviate a little from the usual gentleman’esque aesthetic we cover, but bear with me. Will.I.Am is the kind of person who isn’t scared of making the occasional faux pas, and that in turn gives his look a personal and unique touch. Even when he opts for a formal outfit, he gives it a personal twist by adding some lively colours or combining it all with an interesting edgy piece.

Back in the day, when The Black Eyed Peas were just starting, Will.I.Am already offered glimpses of his outlandish choices in fashion. Not until he started a solo career, did we see he elevate into the fashion icon he is today. It may be a little crazy and at times impractical, but we salute Will.IAm for pushing style and fashion to the next level. We all could learn from the former Black Eyed Pea member, we should be more daring and experimental in our fashion choices to show individuality.

Will.I.Am Style Breakdown

 Will has a penchant for turning regular day-to-day outfits into something special. Take for example the classic suit and tie; now to add some Will.I.Am influences to the outfit, try adding a vibrant coloured shirt or accessory. Think of neon coloured shoes or ties. You don’t have to completely follow the formula, but it will introduce you to making bolder choices.

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You may be wondering how this outlandish take on fashion could ever translate into something you can wear daily. The best way to do this is by opting for vibrant colours in regular casual pieces. Think of a completely understated casual outfit but with at least one or two pieces that pop in colour.

If the occasion calls to dress a little more formal, focus on tailored suits but get them in different shades of the same colour. The whole look wont appear too adventurous or gaudy, but instead fabulously formal!

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When it’s time to get a little crazy and adventurous, Will.I.Am tends to stick to basic colours when he opts for his futuristic and otherworldly looks. The interesting sci-fi inspired look can be traced back to Japanese street fashion. Think of black military boots, black skinny jeans, and an interesting piece to wear on top, in leather perhaps if you feel adventurous.

Final Thought

Whether you love or hate Will.I.Am, we all can learn to make bolder choices in our outfits. Have fun with fashion and don’t feel too restricted in your choices. And most of all, dare to be different.