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The Mind Journal aids men to articulate their feelings through writing

How are you feeling today? Difficult question for some? To get men to open up about their mental health is a very hard task, to make them write about it is even harder, but a “groundbreaking” new journal project is changing the scope, Mind Journal.

Let us introduce first the man behind this great idea, Ollie Aplin, he is a graphic designer from Brighton, he used the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to launch MindJournal, a book/notebook that has a set of questions and exercises to support men to write about their feelings.

Ollie himself suffered from anxiety and panic attacks throughout his life, experienced a mental breakdown due to unfortunate family related events.

“Over the years this has sadly been lost. Guys no longer pour their highs and lows down on paper. And with it has come an epidemic failure to provide men with the necessary tools to cope with modern day stresses.” – Said Ollie on Kickstarter

Once we opened the new book, if felt quite special, private (and it is) written with a purpose- an incentive to “embark on an incredible journey”. It is a push to be brave, even knowing there will be obstacles, “we can do it” attitude, that is simply inspiring.

“With a journal I can be completely honest and unafraid of any repercussions. I often struggle to convey my true emotions and thoughts verbally to another person — I don’t want to be perceived as weak or have them judge me,” he says.

One of the most simple steps that are crucial when trying to support someone, is by starting a conversation, on Mind Journal  is so perfectly implemented, with the Question: “How are you feeling today?”  Apart from the question you have exercises, tasks and more goals to set throughout each chapter.

Apart from the question, there is some exercises, tasks and more goals to set throughout each chapter. Even if you struggle to write, or “overcome your fears”,  a guide is in each chapter to help to go through these steps. Certain things I would never think of writing and somehow I did it, sometimes after a hectic and stressful day, MindJournal was a great tool.

“I’m not doing this for recognition, money or fame,” he says. “I’m doing this because I wish something like this existed years ago when I was going through a tough time.”  – Ollie

MindJournal is a great book and we believe it is one of many steps to help you “rebuild yourself”.

MindJournal is available now on Amazon for £9.99