Sitting somewhere between pale and powerful, muted brights are men’s pastels but not as you know them


Gentleman's Division



Menswear likes to present itself as something which is impervious to trends and more serious-minded than women’s fashion. Despite this widely-held notion, menswear too has its ebbs and flows, its sartorial pendulum swinging to reflect the mood of the time. After successive years of traditionalism (thank you Don Draper) and then minimalism (thank you Scandinavia) dictating the way men dress, now things finally feel experimental again. Print and colour are no longer causes for consternation and adventure is actively encouraged.

Sound scary? No matter. For those inclined to shun radical wardrobe reinventions, we’ve taken this new-found confidence in colour, but dialled down the intensity. Occupying a sweet spot between powerful and pale, these shades are guaranteed to add verve to your wardrobe. These aren’t men’s pastels as you know them, but muted brights.


Pink is having a menswear renaissance and – thankfully – is no longer just for the girls. Try wearing this softened shade on a pair of chinos, but ground with a black or navy shirt.


In all its forms, green is big news this year in menswear. Pale green however is the most interesting way to wear the hue and will pair well with light-wash denim and a simple white T-shirt.


Rose pink offers a subtle way to nod to non-regulation colour. While this pinkish shade will pair well with black and navy, right now look to white, sand and taupe to complement.


Blue is a menswear perennial, and while navy feels relevant all year round, follow the lead of lightening days and put paler blue into rotation for both smart and relaxed looks.


Article Source: Reiss