Panono, The Toss Up Camera


Charlotte Bound



Getting a 360° panoramic capture is not simple and additionally, it is time consuming as well. But what if you had a device that could capture crystal clear panoramic images and that too in just a few seconds? Well, with the help of Panono, this has become a possibility. Panono, the Panoramic Ball Camera, is the brainchild of Jonas Pfeil, who wanted a device that could effectively click panoramic shots and that too in the shortest time possible. He therefore built a tossup camera that did the job for him.

Panono is fitted with 36 2-megapixel cameras with fixed focus. These are capable of capturing a 108-megapixel panoramic image. It also has a processor, memory and an accelerometer. The device can be used in three different ways. First and foremost, you can toss it up in the air. If you do so, the accelerometer would trigger the camera when it is at its highest point. Then, you can use the inbuilt shutter button and click the picture while holding the device in your hand. Lastly, the camera can be hoisted on a tripod and you can use the shutter button remotely to click the pictures.

The photographs are instantly transferred on to the smartphone through Bluetooth or WiFi. A preview is available at this stage, but here the image is visible at a lower resolution. The image is then directly sent via WiFi or GPS to Panono’s cloud server through which the high resolution image is transferred directly to the website. It can then be shared on social media sites.

The Panono tossup camera is definitely one of the coolest innovations. It makes everything, from clicking the picture to sharing it, extremely simple and you save a lot of time and effort. It is a small and compact device and weighs only about 300gms. So do check out this wonderful device and you will have a brand new way to click your panorama shots!