The Perfect Neckties for the Perfect Outfits


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Matching a tie with your attire might be daunting. It might be confusing to look for a better color combination until you got the perfect finishing touch for your overall attire. Each piece should complement one another and they must be assembled appropriately.

It is therefore very important to buy the right one based on the pair of suit you have at home. You should not buy a tie because you simply like the print designs, but you need to make sure it matches with your clothing. They should also be proportionate to your body while the colors and patterns complement well with your shirt and suit.

As a tip, always remember you should determine the right color that conveys the message you want to extend and upon choosing this, make sure that this color works best with your complexion. This means the colors of a tie, shirt, and tie should be the primary factor you need to consider when making a combination.

If you want to achieve a sophisticated look, consider wearing a cool blue shirt and pair this with a semi-solid but lightly patterned green and blue ties. To draw more attention, choose a light colored shirt paired with a red tie in bold colors. Usually, the red tie is one of the best-worn ties by many people because it also indicates power. They can easily capture the eyes of people around you.

If you have a fair skin complexion and a light colored hair, you should opt for monochromatic and pastel color combinations. If you have a dark hair with a lighter skin complexion, select color combinations with noticeable defined lines. You can also experiment with a different color combination so you know which colors fits well with your attire.

Most ties also have patterns based on the new fashion trend nowadays. They could be more difficult to match to your attire because they have greater colors compared to just sticking with solid and semi-solid ties.

The first thing you have to remember for patterned ties is to make sure the colors of the tie do not clash. This should be avoided because this could bring the conflict to your entire attire[ most especially if you have patterned suit or shirt as well. Avoid wearing same patterns on your tie if you already have them on your shirt.

Taking stripes, for example, match your thin-striped shirt with a solid or polka dot tie. If you still prefer to wear stripes on your tie as well, make sure to choose a thick striped tie so they do not look similar. Similar patterns can create a distorted effect visually that may bring a negative impact to your overall attire. Another option is for you to choose a patternless shirt instead which is a safer choice.

Wearing white shirts and pastel colored shirts are also the best choice if you are not sure with the correct combination. You may choose any type of tie color, pattern, or stripes for this one. They are easiest to match when compared to solid colors.

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