Personal Care Items Every Man Should Own


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Far too many people still seem to think that good grooming and airtight personal care are exclusively women’s concerns when in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. Men have been into looking better and staying properly groomed literally since the beginnings of the human race as we know it. (Yes, even Neanderthals engaged in body painting, tooth filing, and other similar practices!)

That said, it’s only natural for today’s well put together male to care about staying well-groomed. After all, you can spend a pretty penny on the most fashionable shoes or suits and still look like a mess if you aren’t taking care of the rest of you. Here are some must-have items to pick up today if you don’t already have them as part of your arsenal.

Complete Shaving Kit

If you’re still counting on disposable razors to keep your face smooth and cared for, stop… now. A fashionable man needs to have the cleanest possible shave and that means making an investment in a proper shaving kit. Look for options that include a good quality razor (of course) and a badger brush. You should also not only be using a good quality shaving cream, but also a pre-shave oil and an after-shave balm. Your skin will thank you for it!

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Skin Care Kit

A man’s skin can be just as sensitive and delicate as a woman’s, so it’s only natural that it takes a beating thanks to everyday life. The elements, sweating, shaving, and even just aging can all take their toll if you don’t take care of your skin and a comprehensive kit is the best way to do that. Items every man should make sure to include in his are a gentle facial cleanser, a hydrating cream, and a shaving tonic he can trust. Lip creams, toners, and eye creams are also excellent ideas. Always make sure to choose products made with your skin type in mind.

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Manicure Kit

Everyone needs to clip their fingernails or take care of the occasional stray hair once in a while, so a good manicure kit is a man’s best friend. Look for something portable so that it’s easy to add it to your carry-on bag, your glove compartment, or even your briefcase as needed. It should include fingernail clippers, tweezers, facial hair scissors, and a good nail file at the very least.

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Hair Product Collection

Any dapper, modern man will attest to the fact that maintaining a fantastic head of hair is all about choosing the right hair care products. Make sure that you own at the very least, a good comb that can be counted on to preserve the integrity of your hair, as well as shampoo, conditioner, and a styling mousse or gel of your choice. If your hair and scalp have any special needs – such as dandruff care or color care – then it’s important to use special products and items engineered with that in mind.

Personal Care Items Every Man Should Own


At the end of the day, creating the perfect look is all about nailing the little details. Start shopping for today’s best in modern men’s grooming products today. Your look will be all the better for it!