Pilaeo's Floral Shorts

Collection Is Giving Us Amazing Parisian Summer Vibes!


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Luxury suit tailors may have to just adjust their service offering to include floral shorts. At a time in fashion where floral shorts aren’t exactly the last thing that a man would wear, Pilaeo’s stepping up to be a heavyweight in the creative shorts section is nothing surprising for the creative high-end mens fashion company.

It's understandable why Pilaeo's decorative shorts selection is all the rave because:

Creative style in fact has said to always have been at the center of their selections. The lineup has designer, high end styles that tout exceptionalism in cruise and summer wear.

As dapper, and fashion conscious gentlemen push forward in bravery of style, patterned shorts that has some level of personality seems to be one thing to look forward to wearing, when not in a business suit. Pilaeo’s shorts selection doesn’t necessarily stop at just allowing men to flaunt styles that are vibrant, and have patterns that are attractive.

Regardless of the summer event you'll be heading to, the designs are offered in a wide range because:

The inseams, and actual fit of the shorts make them all the more wearable. Styles ranging from bermuda, with a professional fit, and slim fit styles that have a 3 quarter length, along with drawstring shorts, which offer flexibility, style, and comfort are at the forefront of the selection of the new luxury shorts.

Here are some great things about Pilaeo Shorts That makes them super attractive:

Its All In The Fit

The fit of a pair of shorts says a lot for just how flexible it is and whether or not they actually are suitable for multitasking at different events, whether men are headed to cool, rooftop parties, or evening dinners, the fit counts.

Pilaeo shorts are giving us Parisian vibes because:

The emphasis on fits that can work alongside a fashionable pattern, goes to show how plant patterned shorts, once a sidelined item in mens style has taken front seat.

The Pilaeo release of styles that speak with form and function speaks for itself as sizes as low as US S to 3 XL are available.

Fashion With Function

Function in fashion has always been very important. Technology has actually fueled more men to become more conscious of style decisions. The place to where the shorts will be worn to are often considered, hence the importance of functionality.

In reality, the Pilaeo shorts selection which emphasizes function, has it’s release based on lush wedding events, to casual outings and dinners.

Material Paradise

The stylish selection of patterned shorts are designed with a wide range of materials. The shorts pattern and design work together with the materials such as polyester, cotton, and even linen.

Materials and Fabrics in Pilaeo summer & cruise wear is getting attention because:

The polyester nature-inspired shorts in the new selection boasts features that allows it to be easily cleaned, and has less of a need for ironing.

The floral and patterned shorts designed in cotton are more vibrant than not, simply because of the way that patterns and creativity is shown on the cotton material.

The linen shorts are lightweight, and delivers on ease of wearing, and packing.

The materials designed in the shorts are various, and most importantly works in coordination with the exclusive designs and creativity.

In With Drawstring

A number of the the patterned shorts, whether tribal, paisley, or floral in the selection have drawstring. The drawstring of these shorts make them adjustable, and easy to wear as a more casual look.

The different materials and patterns in the selection work together to give an appearance that’s easygoing and has different materials of drawstring. The finely detailed feature of the drawstring, and even the length of it gives more style that would otherwise have been ignored.

Professionalism & Floral?

Pilaeo is mixing modern luxury with botanic patterns of designer clout, with the ability to be professional without actually always having inseams.

Professionally fit mens flower print shorts at Pilaeo’s new selection are designed with the travel ready, and even office savvy guy in men.

Professionalism in style calls for dress shirts most of the time, the plant motif shorts at Pilaeo are released with a fit that:

makes them comfortable and complement an outfit that features a button down dress shirt. The sleek and professional dressy shorts offer a relaxed look that stays near the professionalism factor. The shorts releases at Pilaeo.com give a look into how important flexible mens fashion should be. Even if it’s summer, when vacation is priority for many gentlemen.

Ultimately Smart Pickups To get

Smart pickups of floral an luxury shorts have been released at Pilaeo. Gentlemen can now embrace vibrant pattern in great weather because the fashionable shorts are offered in materials that allow for fashion and function to prevail in style.

The luxury summer shorts are at Pilaeo.com and  are released with the fit, function, material, and professionalism that gives Parisian vibes.

The floral shorts designs offer a new masculine take on 21st century luxury for men and are at Pilaeo.com