Seven Men's Hairstyles Trending This Autumn


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Winter is almost here so we have to prepared for it in style. The world of fashion has created new limits for men that allows them to experience different looks. Now that the air is chilly, you can try out some longer fringes. Here are the seven hairstyles that you can adopt to figure in this Winter trends.



Winter is the ideal period of time to show off your natural and manly locks. All you need to do is tell your barber to just take some of the weight of your locks so that they get a charming order. This way, the hair won’t take the shabby aspect of a bohemian teenager.

Oldy but Goldy undercut


The epitome of masculinity seems like a winning title that was won by the classic undercut hairstyle in 2016. The sides are maintained neatly in a carefully trimmed while the top falls in the mid-size length. The undercut style is for the man that doesn’t care too much to arrange his hair every day. Instead, his insouciance gets to be seamlessly replaced with an easy to maintain haircut. With just a bit of hair product, any man is good to go in a matter of seconds. Plus, the undercut works brilliantly with a stylish goatee look that highlights the simple yet powerful lines of masculinity.

Texture on top


It takes a dose of handiness to obtain this messy look. The advantage is that you can get a different style for each day. You get to play with the top fringes any way you like. The wavier it is, the better. This hairstyle is the best choice for men who don’t play by the rules. You are free to mold your own style with the lengthy hair strands in the front.

High top fade


The high-top fade hairstyle is another proof that fashion returns every 20 years. Today, the Fresh Prince look is back in business and became legit again in the eyes of 2016 Winter trends for men. The sides are nicely trimmed, yet they start growing into a tall full silhouette on the top. The length on the top can vary from a discrete length to an eye-catching height. The style will bring the best features out of any square or round face.

Natural Pomp


The natural pomp style will surely attract all the eyes in the room. This hairstyle requires careful daily grooming to keep the slick and shiny look for the entire day. The sides of the hair are all trimmed up and the top of the head gathers a beautiful full mane that inspires order and earnestness.

Side Swept Undercut


This is a hairstyle committed to the benefits of a pomade styling. It consists of a short cut, while only a sided top receives the permission to maintain long proportions. The key to the perfect side swept undercut is to respect the natural parting line of your hair. This is how you decide if this haircut is best on the right or left side. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a certain side of your face more than the other. The hairstyle falls naturally in one direction, and you can entrust this innate feature to choose your better side for you.

Long Undercut


The year of 2016 is the time for making statements and breaking stereotypes. Women wear short military haircuts while men have the freedom to opt for the mystery look of a long undercut. The powerful contrast between short sides and a long healthy mane channels the look to a certain type of carefree masculinity. The normal long-haired style might send an old-fashioned message, but the long undercut succeeds in striking the perfect balance between a preference for length and modern edges.

Winter of 2016 is the perfect season for hairstyle experimentations for men. Decide which one of the seven looks can bring out your best features. Choose one of these hairstyles and you will keep the trends satisfied while remaining true to your personal character!

Main Image source- Reiss