Skinny Jeans for Men - Trends and Styling Options


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Many years ago men’s fashion was not as big as today. Men used to dress to feel comfortable, and barely cared about the design of the item they were wearing. Things have changed drastically and we have started seeing men who are more into their looks. It is the dress to impress era. Men are hooked into runway styles and have the desire to dress up well. The hunger for the latest kind of trends and styles in the fashion industry also includes the trend of skinny jeans. The Men’s skinny jeans trend started off a few years back and has entered the fashion industry with a bang.

Skinny jeans for men has become a trademark for the teenagers and young men. It has been polarizing since the very beginning. The trend of skinny jeans has adapted and evolved as the emerging fashion of today. From Top fashion brands like Levi’s or even the trendiest like Zara men to Dsquared to New York trendy men’s clothing store Differio Skinny jeans for men are on the rise. So how should they be styled? Here are a few skinny jeans trends by Differio to get some inspiration.

Jeans with design details

Pleated, with studs or even airbrush graffiti designs, these jeans should be restricted strictly to the very few lucky ones who have a well-proportioned and maintained body. If you have an upper body that is well built and a lower body that is slim, for instance skinny legs then this might be a tad bit of an extreme contrast for you. It creates a silhouette without any definition which looks unreal. Basically this kind of a jeans might draw attention to every part of your body that is imperfect, so make sure you wear it if you have the perfect body. There is absolutely nothing that could hide the fact that this jeans is the trendiest of all men’s skinny jeans trends because it can be worn with all sorts of t shirts, blazers and shirts.

Standard Skinny Jeans

The standard skinny jeans for men is a lot more versatile. The leg proportion is a tad bit wider and a little less pronounced making all the guys who are tall and slim achieve a silhouette that is sharp along with maintaining a balanced and sharp width and height. So for those with a bigger upper body, this style is perfect because it just does not focus on the wider part of the body but instead focuses on it as a whole. Bigger guys sadly can’t wear this trend because balance is very important in this kind of a skinny jeans otherwise the body looks disproportioned. Differio literally makes all different sorts of standard skinny jeans for men, which includes the standard skinny jeans as well for all the lean men out there. This jeans looks great with oversized sweaters and shirts.